1. I'm open to correction, but I think there were around 200,000 arrests in 2018. If you had 100 volunteers from all the major cities who could get themselves arrested 10 times a week each, that's it! Game over. The systems can't handle an extra 50,000 arrests a year. I'm still trying to contact a solicitor about this just to know if the gards have the power to stop us organising this kind of protest.

  2. Halfway in you were saying how much you dislike the term "recreational smoker". People don't drink alcohol or smoke tobacco recreationally. People are social drinkers or can be social tobacco smokers. We are "social smokers".

  3. Great watch, thank Martin. Keep it up. I was absolutely baked watching this and I couldn't agree more with your opening points about the discrimination against us. I'm 42, I have three kids, happily married, I work my b0ll1x off and I do everything I possibly can for my family. My reward is smoking mad weed and playing Resident Evil 2 remake and listening to GangStarr at an obscene volume. I mean what is wrong with me melding with my couch, appreciating Primo's beats and spending my hard earned cash on video games and weed?

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