Unboxing & Review Of BC Kief from Canna Farms | My First Legal Extract Purchase

In this episode I unbox and review my first legal extract purchase B.C Kief from Canna Farms. I purchased this cannabis extract product for $27. Im really …


  1. Pretty sure Cannafarms employs many people from the town of Hope, BC. A little over priced for what you're getting, and their dry sift hash ended up getting pulled a couple months back as it wasn't hash at all haha.

  2. Man I've been just watching your videos for days straight now. Thanks so much for the amazing content! Totally random question but have you ever thought of doing a show on the history of hash? I keep thinking you in particular make a great podcast about that. Anyways thanks again! I'm an audio engineer so if you need any assistance on recording ever holla!

  3. i just found out that the extract will start rolling out the middle of next month . shatter hash , wax and spreadable oils extra . im in Ontario so it could be different in Alberta . ? are you seeing any price decrease where you are . the lower end stuff here has come down , but not the expensive stuff . they play it up that the price is coming down , but when say to them that's the shit that you can't sell . why not sr71 or broken coast , Qwest . silence and that deer in the headlights look .

  4. I missed the lot number on this. The first order we had was extremely golden and smelled quite nice. Sitting at 24.50 which is on par with most MOM sites. Not bad for sprucing up a joint or bowl if you're into kief!

  5. WOW Green kief is truly disappointing! If you could actually see the product before buying it…would you still spend your hard earned money on green kief? Didn't anyone there every say "we cant sell this shit to people"? L.P.'s still have a lot to learn! Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Loving the second camera. Makes the close up way better, keep the videos coming! You would hope the price could even come down from 27$ as it`s not strain specific and is most likely from their left overs.

  7. i collect all my kief . for newbies never mix your kiefs . you don't want to mix one that's fruity with some that's woodsy or dank , doesn't taste good . keep them separate and enjoy them .

  8. Great review finally some form of extracts in canadas legal market u can review nice hopefully more things coming i like the closeup shots too that camera is nice hopefully some more flower reviews whether from legal market or not

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