1. Yo I’m in SoCal too the high desert San bern county. Planing on doing a small outdoor grow for the first time and I have questions on handling the heat and wind out here. Have a email or ig I can hit u up? Thanks

  2. Hey! So hopefully you still check this YouTube, i just came across you in my research but I just moved to the high desert from the east coast and have wanted to grow since I first learned of cannabis. Now that I find myself in a safe/legal environment I’m completely lost as to how to grow in this environment and ignorance is apparent. If I’m going to grow for myself I want to do it right and give myself the best smoking experience possible, any advice/help would be greatly appreciated

  3. I would have left clear down and figured out something else for airflow I'm also in high desert and it can get real windy loose tarps are asking for problems at least it's real windy here maybe not where u are anyways good luck subbed look forward to see grow

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