1. only 1 person clapet at the end????? are you fking kiding me! the pcr test in the pandemic, can give 97% false pos and can not distinguish sick from healthy people, a coruna virus cold to covid 19. it is indeed a power grab, and possibly other reasons….

  2. Thank you! You have my full support along with thousands upon thousands of people in Ontario! It’s time for these totalitarian rules to be abolished. Let the people decide if they want to minimize their risk of getting COVID let the people decide how to take care of their immune system, let the people make decisions as to what’s best for them.

  3. THANK YOU Belinda!!!!!!!!!! You give me hope that not all politicians are corrupt glory seekers. Your speech was bang on and very much appreciated. Putting it mildly, Premier Ford is a colossal disappointment. While he tells us to wear a mask, he actually took his "mask" off to reveal that he is just another LYING corrupt LIBERAL, far worse than the vile Wynne-McGuinty combo!!! NEVER EVER again will I vote Ford. I look forward to voting for you and your husband Jim's New Blue Party in 2022!

  4. I transferred my job from Cambridge Ontario, to Alberta in the summer because of these draconian measures. Glad to see someone standing up, very well spoken. Ontario needs people like you.

  5. Thank you for being a voice of reason in an ocean of insanity.
    I hope you and other MPPs can gather and organize to fight this together, regardless of political sides. Covid measures are an attack on all of us!

  6. Your new Vaccine ID will be like Nazi Germany's National ID. You will need it everywhere you go. Covid 19 was a total scam where only shareholders of vaccine companies will benefit the most. Notice all the stores allowed open are all publicly traded. Which is interesting because wouldn't opening everything create the maximum amount of social distancing?

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