Levo 2 Potency Hack

Welcome Friends! Join me to learn how to use Levo’s newest machine the Levo 2! In this video, I will go over how to use the machine and the main differences …


  1. Hey Jeff!
    I'd love to but your potency screens but the shipping to Canada is over $50!!! I know for a fact there's other, cheaper shipping options. Is there a way to change the shipping type or is there somewhere in Canada to buy your screens? $12 is more than worth it but $62+ is crushing

  2. I can't tell if I'm decarbing correctly, or if I've missed a step. I'm using the potency enhancer and the default settings for my levo ii. When complete, I'm inserting the decarbed flower into capsules but I'm not feeling any effect. Did I decarb too short maybe?

  3. Levo II WARNING!!! I love my Levo II despite the fact that I wasted 28 grams of medical grade Gorilla Glue #4 when first trying to decarboxylate or “Activate” it. My goal was to infuse 8 ounces of coconut oil with one ounce of cannabis. My mistake was that I did not use the ‘herb pod’, that only holds about 7 grams, but instead put my dried and cured 28 grams of cannabis directly into the ceramic coated reservoir, without the coconut oil, and set the Levo II to “Activate”. After about 15 minutes my cannabis started burning. In a panic I contacted the Levo II Support Team. As we chatted the cannabis continued burning until I finally stopped the “Activate” mode. The Levo II Support Team were so kind and supportive that it truly was hard to believe. They told me that they really wanted to help and they did! I sent my Levo II back and they gave me a generous discount on another unit. And they followed through with their promise even though I made it clear that I was at fault. The lesson I want to pass on is this. If you want to make a very strong infusion, first decarboxylate your ounce of cannabis in the oven at about 240 degrees F for 40 minutes or so. Then use the so-called, ‘French coffee-press filter method’ with 8-10 liquid ounces of oil or butter for the infusion. You will be very happy with the end product that your Levo II makes. And if you ever have any problems, rest assured that the Levo II Support Team really cares about us customers and will help.

  4. Hello guys and gals I'm looking to purchase my own cbd oil infuser machine and I came across this product the Levo 2 and two other products that seem more legit and also holds more flowers it's the Magic Budder Machine and The 420 Infuser but idk witch one to purchase am doing my research on all 3 items but I'm looking to make my own cbd oil because I have Epilepsy and I hate taking my bs meds from these fake ass fuckin doctor's that only care about making money other then helping people out so I'd like to make my own CBD product and help people out wit the same problems or have others symptoms or just daily aches and pain because I'm a current user and it's expensive to buy every month or two weeks so I'd like to learn and make my own CBD products from oils, tinctures,butter and edibles so witch machine is the best of the 3 Magic Butter Machine , The 420 Infuser or the Levo 2 please lmk thanks alot everybody for reading and trying to answer my question

  5. so with this hack how many grams of cannabis am I getting per ounce? with my crock pot method i get 2.3 grams per ounce. yes i get chlorophyl but the potency is good. seems like this method only gives .665 grams per ounce. plus i can do 96 ounces at once in the crock

  6. Excellent Video! (I just purchased the "hack" screen Thx)… Question: Can you make tincture from the Levo 2? I know NOT to use alcohol, but if a tincture can be made, what liquid would I use for the tincture liquid?

  7. Can anyone here help me, I'm new to this, and I wanna make Gummies.
    I'm just looking for a guideline, of how many Grams I should use for 1 batch?

    I'm going to infuse the cannabis in Coconut oil.

  8. Hey Jeff! I was wondering if you knew how to make THC oil for vaping? Can you make it in the Levo 2? Also do you have a recipe for potent oil if it is possible?? thank you so much in advance

  9. Yes, I created FreeLeaf pre-decarbed, tasteless flower to infuse with. Check out my YouTube videos teaching you my method for processing a similar Light Tasting Cannabutter and Cannaoil .

  10. I can't get the app to work, i just bought the levo 2, and received it a day ago, i have not used it yet because i have been working… but i was trying to look at the app because i read that it has recipes and stuff… i just wanted to familirize myself before diving in… but the app just has a black screen. nothing comes up. it doesnt crash it doesnt have a loading symbol or bar, its just blank black screen… i was curious if others are having this issue, if there is a fix.. or is the app just sh**? lol

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