5 Favourites: November 2020

The one where I’ve just turned 40! I did want to do a special sappy video about how things have changed blah blah but: lockdown. I have no time. So it’s just a …


  1. The HariMaki wrap is a brilliant idea, I'm always chilly. May I ask which size you required/how forgiving are they size wise, I don't want to feel restricted by it. x

  2. Hope you had a good birthday Ruth, despite lockdown. Happy 40tg!
    Just ordered myself a wrap; bloody freezing at work due to ‘ventilating’ the classroom with chilly fresh Yorkshire air, but totally get the restrictions of heavy outer layers. My long layered cardies just seem to ‘heavy’ for writing on the board, or maybe I’m just knackered 😂

  3. Happy birthday gorgeous warm funny Ruth, can’t believe you are nearly 40 , you skin looks amazing, please tell us what you have on
    Have a lovely birthday, and you can look forward to a big bash next year Jxx

  4. Happy belated Ruth!! You are by far my favorite beauty guru (and I'm not even into beauty stuff). I'm just here cuz you're brilliant, a riot, and a breath of fresh air. Hope I grow up to be like you one day. Sending much love from the US!!! 🖤

  5. Happy 40th birthday Ruth!, hope you had a great day.
    It was my 40th in July, so like you will be looking to have a big celebration next year.
    Ps. You look fabulous in this video.

  6. Hi darling!! Happy Birthday!! I know, bugger, u r missing on a party. I turned 40 last June and i was lucky to be out of Quarantine 23d of June. In Barcelona that is. Anyhow, u r Scorpio, u r not that dramatic like Cancers, I would be "crying" probably if I couldn't have my party! I mean I got my outfit and all!!! OK, besides the point. This Trinity's glitter, can it be any similar to the color in Naked Palette original called Sidecar? I know, kinda crazy, who has this palette right🤣!! Many kisses…

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