The Pros and Cons of the ‘Magic’ Drug Psilocybin

Joined by psycho-pharmacologist Dr. Benjamin Malcom and psychologist and chemical dependency specialist Dr. Megan Marcum, The Doctors debate whether …


  1. notice they don't even mention all of the studies from a very prestigious university showing positive results. These dr's need to experiment and do their own trip report, but they would be to scared.

  2. i have never heard from anybody that you get ''flashbacks'' its urban myth same as you smoke 1 marijuana and you end up selling yourself under for an 1/8 of ounce

  3. they need to dive deeper into the pros and cons. it's not just fun colours if it is good and bad feelings when it is bad. it can be a profound life changing introspective experience for the better and for the worse. dosage, frequency and psychological conditions are important factors to consider.

  4. I’ve battled depression for over 10 years, and anxiety for roughly 5 years. I normally take medication for anxiety and insomnia which I don’t like because of the side effects. I’ve suffered with other addictions for years as well. I normally use alcohol and marijuana on a daily basis as sort of a self-medication. Today is my 3rd day micro-dosing mushrooms and it’s also my 3rd day sober. I felt less depression and anxiety then I have in years on my first day micro-dosing. Unreal that we give suicidal people medications that can make their symptoms worse and can be used to commit suicide (which is what happened to one of my best friends). Mushrooms need to be legalized, at the very least for medicinal use!

  5. wtf these must be the most clueless doctors I've ever seen. Have any of them even tried them? Its considered 1 of the safest drugs out there period. You are more likely t end up in the ER from alcohol folks. Also those glasses wont even give you .00000001% of a taste of what its like. For that you'd have to try it. And btw even a bad trip can teach you a lot, in fact a horrible trip I had lead me to stop smoking weed like I used to which was a like 10 + bong rips of high grade a day. Now I smoke maybe a j a month socially if that.

    What should be said is that this drug can rock your world because especially at doses 3.5g + its an intense motherfucker. You'll feel euphoria, you'll likely also feel uncomfortable at times which is why it isn't a feel good drug like weed or coke etc. Its not to be taken recklessly or honestly often. If you take it lightly it will kick your ass so hard that you'll have no choice but to realize the things you need to change in your life. As for lower doses like 1-2.5g for me at least its just a good time, but be warned sometimes even 2.5g can hit hard depending on strength and other factors.

    SET and SETTING, most important thing. You get those right and 99% of the time you won't have a "bad trip". Also do realize that whatever is happening in that moment, it will end although time dilation is a real thing on psychs.

    If you feel uncomfortable either close your eyes and just let go and observe, or do something fun go for a hike, play a game etc.

    As for effects since these morons seem to have very little grasp of how to describe anything about it.
    Visual: Extreme pattern recognition, patterns in anything maybe the grain in a piece of wood or wet footsteps on concrete will be incredibly clear to you to where you will be completely in awe of what you are seeing. Also you may see those typical psychedelic patterns on objects to the point where a wall may look multi-dimensional but if you touch its just a wall. Enough shrooms can potentially have your entire field of view flash into "patterns" although patterns doesn't do this justice and I can't really describe this portion. This is subjective and I missed alot

    Mental: Well take deja vu and give it steroids because it can feel as though time is looping. You may even repeat the same action a few times because of this. Your thoughts may loop as well where you end on some insight more than once.
    Also, synesthesia as in what you see, hear etc you might feel deeply like to your bones. Whatever you feel follow that like a compass. A video about politics making you feel impending doom turn that shit off, going outside and looking at clouds is so beautiful you could cry keep looking at the clouds and be in nature. You may experience ego death which I personally haven't fully although I've been close so I can't speak to that. Oh and everything may feel like its happening at the same time.

    Physical: You may experience a body load which is like waves of a sensation thats hard to describe, these physical waves are usually connecting to the waves of intensity of the drug itself. Meaning if you feel a physical wave (which while on it you will most def know what it is) and as that wave "frequency" (for lack of a better term) increases so will all the other effects. As the wave frequency decreases so will the other effects. You'll know when its wearing off because you'll feel the waves become less powerful over time. You may think the trip is done then get hit with another wave. At the top of these waves are peaks. And if you know anything about graphical mathematics then you can consider the drug to have an amplitude of absolute value, and you can also consider the drug to have local minimas and maximas until you eventually reach baseline meaning you are now sober and can go on with your day.

    Just be careful and don't rush into it. Take with precaution and be ready and you'll have a good time. You may feel anxious at first but honestly that goes away as you become enthralled in the experience. Safe travels and have a sober buddy in case.

    That's harm reduction docs, you should start learning a little bit about that because after this election cycle, looks like these drugs are going to be finally free to explore. Teach about safety and how to AVOID a bad experience, not scare and stigmatize acting like that MD extends to every aspect of life.

  6. Very inaccurate representation of the substance and it’s effects. The glasses? Are you kidding me? Thats the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. Also please stop grouping shrooms with other hallucinogens. They are not all the same.

  7. What effing tools… please people do your own research and learn what its like and what it can do for you mentally. A bad trip is not really a bad trip, you will understand this once you step on to the other side.

  8. I have never ever "triped" like that …I just got a endophine rush n was happy was laying in bed injoying the sounds n lights in the move I felt content just chilling in bed much like ppl do smoking weed shrioms n weed are a lot safer n beneficial then 95% of legal drugs js…

  9. I have had several bad trips; and I do not regret any of them. Also, the visuals are the tip of the iceberg. Most of the trip is emotional and introspective; which is why it's impossible to describe.

  10. Alcohol and Tabacco are far more deadly and the folks who develop long-term problems often had underlying conditions that could have been pointed out to them from a young age that would bias them against trying it. But the same can be true of alcohol use.

    I really am glad that you guys are talking about this stuff to this crowd, it's a bit like the one-eyed man leading the blind, but I am happy you are giving things a fair critique.

    I know of many people with 5HT-related problems and/or post-traumatic stress. a single high dose or differently "Microdosing" takes these people from daily suicide-inducing panic attacks to functional without kidney and liver problems or other long-term side-effects (like parkinsonian symptoms or worse). I've seen microdosing straighten out postures (folks familiar with postural issues as symptoms will understand this) and folks say they feel like they are "back", "back from the dead", "back from hell", "themselves again". Some will take one large dose, others will dose indefinately until they feel they can come off. But coming off does not lead to the same 3 months to 2 years side-effects of most psychopharmacological drugs.

    If you are fed up, if you need more help. Most anglophone nations are doing some clinical trials in these kinds of directions. Mushrooms have been used for roughly 9,000 years and have proven far safer than other drugs that can be purchased legally or through a doctor.

    Of all the legal mushrooms only one that isn't poisonous is made illegal.

  11. I did it and it was so intense. I was seeing languages i did not know how to read and i felt telepathic. It is terrifying and i would not recommend. It's spiritual but deceptively demonic. Jesus is the only way.

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