1. You would bennifet from giving them some good organic dry amenments as a source of long term food for the plants. Especially if you are using old soil mixed with some cheap regular store bought stuff. Your buds would have formed better and gotten tighter and fatter. Something with npk as will as all minerals. You could have simply applied as a top dress. Just a thought maybe you can look into it next time.

  2. Most of the damage is am seeing my friend is infact from catapillers and not slugs. The clean eatin cuts on the affected leafs are consistent with catapillers. A product called BT or a product that contains BT will kill the catapiller and not harm the plant in anyway way. It's basically a natural fungi that stops the catapiller from eating until they die, very effective stuff for getting rid of catapillers and then just keep your slug bait for slugs pellets are better than powder as it last longer and you need to apply less. Nice looking plants what seed banks they from.

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