Spider Farmer SF-1000 Grow Tent Kit :: Sprouting The Seed & Watching It Grow!!

In this sponsored grow series we are using the Spider Farmer SF-1000 Grow Tent Kit for our first autoflower grow. This week marks the beginning of the grow, …


  1. with low humidity you should keep the seedling in a dome unless you use a small humidifier in your tent. You want to be between 60-80% during all vegetative stages and 40-50% during flowering stages. Humidity control is as important as nutrients and lighting.

  2. Which light is the best in the low budget category, who got the best results for your buck/$
    On 2×2?
    Spider Farmer, Mars Hydro, Viaspectra, is the spider farmer sf1000 better than the Mars hydro ts 1000 🤔 does somebody check all that write about?

  3. I really enjoyed it, some folks don't note the days of growth which is exactly why I watched this to compare your plant to mine. Mine are at the 2 week point and would love another vid showing the 2nd thru maybe 5th or 6th week of grow! Thanks a bunch!

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