Is Cuenca Still The Best Place in Ecuador to Start Your Expat Life Abroad?

Amelia and JP VLOG 231: Since we left Cuenca and moved to the small rural beach town of Ol贸n Ecuador back in February 2020, lots of people have asked us …


  1. Guys, do you prefer the treatment that is in native language or in English?

    many of my friends are from Canada and USA and I want to know how to give them a better deal.

    take care in your new home

  2. Lindo …que ocupen nuestros servicios de salud para enfermedades cr贸nicas que cuestan miles de dolares pagando 70 Dolares y que no se molesten en aprender nuestro idioma siquiera. Muy desigual la relaci贸n.

  3. They should make a video reacting to songs in Spanish by Ecuadorian musicians, since how they are not so familiar with this music it would be incredible to know what they think of representative musicians like Mirella Cesa with songs like "Digan lo que digan" or "Pregunta de caj贸n" that By the way, she is considered the mother of Andi Pop, Pamela Cortez whose voice is INCREDIBLE with songs like "Dicen", "Solo tu amor" or "Cristales rotos" and Fausto Mi帽o whose ballads are beautiful like "And however" or "Something like that "I promise you will not regret it,Besides that they could learn a little more about our culture and could share it with other estadounidenses abroad, greetings from Manabi

  4. Someday when the pandemic ends, they should take a tour and visit Cuenca again and try the tram, and also take advantage of and give a tour of Quito and visit the Carondelet palace, the historic center, the virgin of the Panecillo etc, and try the new Quito subway and comment on its differences with other subways such as the one in New York

  5. Cuenca does have a rainy season, but there are many major cities all over the US that has a much higher annual rainfall than Cuenca does. And it's not like it rains "all the time" during the rainy season… just more than than it does during the dry season. So I don't see the "rain" as a significant "con." As for the temps, I can't handle super-hot weather, so Cuenca is nearly perfect for me. The past few "winters" (which they refer to as summer, like we do) have been cooler over the past couple of years, but nothing a small space heater won't take care of indoors, or a good hoodie for outdoors. The altitude can be a problem for some people, as some folks never fully adapt. But as an initial landing point in Ecuador, you can't beat Cuenca. This is for all the reasons stated in the video, but I specifically want to emphasize the presence of a large expat population, which can be a great support system for new expats. Also, there are lots of gringo events, organizations, cultural events, etc., etc. But probably the most important thing is the number of people who either speak English and can help you navigate your way through the culture here. I disagree with the video that there is "too much English" in Cuenca. What there is, is that you can find a lot of people who do speak English and can help you conduct essential business. But can you be fully independent and function only on English in Cuenca? Absolutely not! Again, there are lots of people who will "facilitate" for you and handle your business transactions, but you are absolutely not going to become a fully independent expat here in Cuenca without at least a solid intermediate level of Spanish.

  6. Sadly, Zatua Miski is no longer in its old space. I haven鈥檛 heard anything about it since then. If you know what happened to zatua Miski, we鈥檇 love to hear about it! <3 Bonnie

  7. I moved to Cuenca 9 mos ago and moved into the country to Cumbe in the Azuay.. I have a beautiful 4 BR House on 20 acres for 300 a month all included even Internet.. Cuenca is a lovely culture rich city ..Definitely a great place to retire and live ..

  8. Hi! You did a great job reminding me why I may retire in Ecuador. You sold it really well– especially the food! I eat and shop for the same items that are important to you, so that is reassuring!! At this point, I'm fine with the altitude of Cuenca, but I will check out other cities on a pre-retirement trip, just to see everything for myself.
    One question….. Cuenca is pretty close to an airport. Why would you choose to fly out of Guayquil?

  9. Hello, I love your way of life and would like to see more, if you would, make some videos of people of Ecuador. If you go to there house and show, how they live and just regular way of there life. I think that tourist, expats live a reach life stile, compare to them. Just an idea

  10. I have been to Cuenca and the coast, your analysis is spot on….I liked puerto Lopez , small but comfy…can鈥檛 wait to go back after the pandemic…

  11. It's nice to hear that " we want to be fluent in spanish ", you will !!! The Cost of Ecuador is totally different then the Montains (Cuenca &Quito ) congratulations!!! you made a good change for your lives !( no mas falta de aire hehe 馃ぃ) Greeting from Miami 馃彎鉂

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