Hyper Growth Investor | Deadnsyde Portfolio Reveal (November)

Two free stocks valued up to $1400 using this link: One free stock valued up to $1400 using this link: (I use both of …


  1. I love you guys. I'm only doing well because of you & the comments you leave about the companies I talk about. It's like we are all a team. I hope we can keep winning together.

  2. Start looking at Psychedelic health stocks. MindMed MMED, Compass Pathways CMPS (up 16% today). Numinus wellness NUMI. Mydecine innovations MYCO. This is the next sector to Blowup. Cannabis 2.0.

  3. my only comment is the markets do come back- occasionally viciously. You are doing extremely well, very happy for you. Losses do happen, especially in high spec stocks. So you might want a few non-correlated assets.

  4. Crlbf is the best mj play in the market
    Bought out origin house /cannaroyalty. Just finished cap ex projects at the beginning of 2020, gonna be number 1 usa mj company. 1b market cap by eoy Easily 3-5 year hold.

  5. thanks for all your great video`s watch them all. Only gained at LGVW but see all the nice NBAC CIIC opportunities I missed. QUESTION: can you do an analysis of NEXTECH AR. The company is growing and now going sideways, already had 7 dollar + hit and 300% YOY growth. ARK invest has positions in Unity and ZOOM and NEXTECH AR is richt in this category. They are requesting listing on NASDAQ and they are market disrupting on Live events, trade shows. @

  6. I do not think you understand the revolutionary nature of Butterfly. It is going to trade at over 100$ a share in 2 years. It is not an ultrasound company, to be specific it is an ultrasound company. Typically a hospital has a paid on staff ultrasound specialist who does things like checks on blood clots, heart blocakges and the like and its a large machine and requires a specialist to look at it. What butterfly's device does is replace the stethoscope so every single doctor in advanced countries are going to get one. It allows you to quickly see into a persons lungs for obstructions, to check someone's heart, too look quickly to see if internal damage exists instantaneously without the need of an xray or an ultrasound tech on a device the size of a cell phone. I have seen what these things do in person while watching an EMT treat someone in the field for heart failure, and they are one of the most revolutionary devices I have ever come across.

  7. Hey Deadnsyde. I just found you're channel recently. Very impressed with your portfolio and information you give. I wanted to know what song that is you play in your outtro?

  8. I disagree with the premise. The total addressable market of Doctors and nurses and practitioners it is way too small for this company to ever become significant in my view And their moat isnt that big

  9. The concise summary of the pros, cons, and growth potential of each stock is outstanding. The analysis is better than any talking head on CNBC. Love the dead in side concept. So sick of emotional YouTubers bouncing off ceiling and the floor. Subscribed !!

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  11. Dude, I just came across your channel. I like the satire in your name, you really have to me unemotional when investing. One thing I learned in high school from my friend's dad who was a broker was "shoulda, coulda, woulda" I shoulda of invested in AMD when I saw it at $4/share, coulda done it, woulda done it. Great content, I look forward to seeing more of it!

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