1. I really want a wife now but my mom & dad never realize i should marry. They love me very much but u know there's a age when u really want someone beside u. I wish i have someone beside me, Love me & i love her too.

  2. It's so difficult when you know exactly what makes you sad and what would fix it, but you can`t do it alone. You can build a career and a home for yourself but you can't create a marriage and a family on your own. You can't give that to yourself no matter how much effort you put in.

  3. Ah Allah plz make dua for me … I am waiting to marry the person I love it's been 9 years … bt his family and my family is not allowing us to be married … and he got married in 2017 and still I'm hoping to Allah to make him mine Also with affiyat and Iman.. ameen sum ameen ya rabul Almeen.. plz remember me in your dua ..

  4. In Shaa Allah same happen to me. I'm 30 years old I'm losing any hope, not in Allah but in this mankind and dunya.

    This kind of thinking is because of tradition and not religion. But unfortunately it is also a new mode by the current generation to pay huge attention on what you have and not who you are….

  5. Mufti Menk is saying something veey right here, listen to what he says. He is hitting some important and precarious notes here, about many peoples views and conditions towards accepting suiters in marriage for their children. We are not thinking islamically here, we are way too materialistic and suspicious. We must have faith in Allah and in our childrens ability to choose and act for themselves. So let's help the youngsters instead of holding them back, insha Allah.

  6. My relationship with my parents is ruined because I reject their proposal which i've clearly said I'm not interested a few times when they first told me they wanted me to marry him. I tried suggesting a person I'm interested in, but they keep saying I'm only interested because im eaten by his words and I'm blinded. But I know for sure I'm not and I've made istikharah but my parents still won't understand. I just really really want to get married because I want to safe guard myself and save myself from desires. But…. Sighs..

  7. How??? Not enough good men out there… my sister is still not married…😭😭😭😭😭…… We have been looking for a long time. She is 34 and want kids…. HELP!!!????

  8. Mufti my mom doesn't want me to marry this girl that is a really good girl in my opinion, for some reason, just because the girl is from syria and I'm from Iraq, but we are both muslims. Plz mufti and advice it makes me hate my mom so much because it Isn't fair

  9. Mufti Menk, there are many young men who grow up in the western countries, and who Allah blessed with the fortune to have a great education and to live among other cultures and to learn from them and make their culture respectable. And sometimes this young men make the decission of marrying someone of other religion such as Christian, someone that they know for years and grew close to them. Eventho the Quran says that this is acceptable. People still stigmatize them and turn their backs on them even when they are good muslims.

  10. I'm 41 unmarried but Alhumdolilah that's what was destined. I stay pre occupied with learning about Islam so there is some good in this. Maybe this is better for me than the alternative and I advise every single unmarried individual to remain positive. Have hope, you'll get your spouse. Even if you don't get it here, Allah SWT will assuredly give it to you in the after life. Shaytan wants to make you feel like you're losing. Don't listen to the whispers. If you are Muslim you've already won. Just believe it.

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