Growing a Greener World Episode 1112: Making More Plants by Propagating Your Garden

One of the most fun, productive and inexpensive ways to grow your garden and expand your knowledge is by making more plants through simple propagation …


  1. Excellent! This is what I was needing. I have several plant I need to clone and haven't been successful (except once). I will be trying again come spring.
    Question: Do I wait for plants to leaf out when propagating deciduous broad leafed trees? Or take the cutting before the leaves open?

  2. Hey, do you have any interest to test excellent led grow light for indoor plant? I believe it would help your growing also you can compare the difference. If interested, pls let me know.

  3. @joelamp'l
    I'm not sure if you were aware about a recent most ridiculous situation that is happening recently on YouTube but I'm getting very frustrated. All of my favorite (your channel included) has been unsubscribing me without my knowledge or approval. I just re-subscribed. Not sure if you are able to change that but it would be a good idea to look into and inquire.

  4. Wonderful episode ! You are so right about those Basil cuttings. For the 1st time this year I took cuttings from mine & now have 4 beautiful plants growing in pots in my window !!! As yoU said in a few days, each cutting in water had long healthy roots ! THE GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING !

  5. I love this show! So very informative. I've propagated many flowers in water, kind of an addiction after awhile.. and this year I've tried propagating the soft stem and hard stem with no success yet. Bummer! This video was super helpful, and you make it look super easy. What do you do when you don't have a green house to propagate in?

  6. I just started trying my hand at propagation this year with limited success. But I have found that using a large plastic spring mix container from the grocery store is a great size for small cuttings. I can get them started in there and then transplant to small pots ♻️

  7. Thank you both for this! I propagate regularly but with inconsistent results. This video really helps me rethink some of my approach. I'll be watching this again and again to catch all the good tips. Love Brie and her book "The Foodscape Revolution" . I love that she keeps gardening fun and simple and successful for all levels.

  8. My parents ran two tree nurseries, so, as a kid, I spent my summers in the green house listening to the radio and propagating—good times and good memories. I still am busy doing small scale propagation and then share my plants with my friends and neighbours—so fun! I did not know there was a liquid hormone medium, will check the website to see if you have included sources. And thanks for the info about leaf cuttings for begonias, will have to try that.

  9. Word of warning.. lol too much Growing a Greener World will cause you to become a vegetable gardening, Master Gardener, Pollinator Gardener, and a leaf collecting, compost loving, successful seed starter and a more conscious gardener over all. I can’t say enough what an amazing resource Joes knowledge and guest will bring to your own garden.

  10. Well I know it looks like you're doing shrubs and trees that is great my question to you oh is on pepper plants, when is a good time of year and the best way to take clippings from existing pepper plants and reroute them for the following year?

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