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The history of Critical Race is at the same time much older, much more interesting, and not nearly as controversial as way too many recent discussions would …


  1. Regarding image recognition softwares there's an article from from last week (it's still not peer reviwed, so some stuff may change but I doubt that the conclusions will) that suggests that 'unsupervised image models learn human biases from the way people are portrayed in images on the web.' Which is not too much of a surprise really, but this is something that is HUGELY ignored by developers in general that think that algorithms and softwares are unbias by nature because machines do the calculations completly ignoring that they themselves who write these algorithms and softwares are not unbias.
    This type of misconception leads to people, when developing, not thinking about poc, people with disabities, you get the gist of it. And also the companies will not stay behind and will use this as an excuse, like when using those video interviewing softwares (like HireVue) that uses people speech and behavioral patterns to score them and then saying: "Its AI, so no bias here *smile face*"
    But, you see… hummm not to question the validit of psychometry in itself, which is not my area, I question: how about the databases used in these softwares? Are they really unbias as they claim??? I doubt that. Given how most companies tend to prefer white cis men with no disabilities, which will propably translate in multiple sets of mannerisms typical of these corporate man that will compose these databases therefore the software will not be unbias just because of artificial intelligence or machine learning as they say.

  2. Once again I am blown away by how you managed to take such dense subject matter and make it utterly captivating. As with your other videos, I sat down thinking "I'll watch this in sections" and instead just watched it straight through.

    Also thank you so much for the bit about syncretism. I first learned about syncretism when studying pre-colonial Africa and was confused when in the last few years it was being talked about like it was a bad thing.

  3. I don't even know what to say other than this channel is one of the best things I've found on this website. Thank you for this work. Thank you for rooting your analysis in solidarity and highlighting the voices that are marginalized, erased, and all too often ignored. Thank you for giving me content that complicates and challenges some of the tools for liberation currently being pursued while helping me imagine how the beautiful world we're trying to build could look.

  4. Extremely good video and a pleasant surprise to see a new upload! I punched the air at the “fuck Athens” part bc yeah, fuck those r*pey creeps.

    The segment about whorfianism (also a delightful segment), got me thinking about the OTHER most popular “linguistic controversy” about which I have… feelings. If you don’t mind, I’m curious if you have opinions about Dan Everett’s research/claims about the Pirahã language/people?

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