3,500 Spain Drug Export Arrests & Uk Cannab•s Seizures #streetnews

With Spain overtaking Amsterdam for exportation of cannabis to the UK The National Police continues to lead the international fight against the cultivation and …


  1. What a fucking waste of all that puff fuck the other shit. It sickins me to see so much beautiful flowers that have never killed anyone ever. They really need to look at the laws into weed. I never seen two puffers cause much harm if any to anybody. Get off the cannabis trip leave us alone to get stoned in peace. 🙏✌️

  2. The Dutch have always been keen to keep their drugs within their borders – less heat mean less trouble internally. On the other hand, Spanish hash has been imported into the UK for decades. It's usually reformed and bulked up with any old crap they can find before it arrives in the UK. Check out the videos of people 'purifying' soap bar hash… it doesn't make pleasant viewing! People forget that because it's illegal in the UK then there's zero quality control (it's a seller's market, not a buyer's market) This means the junk you'll find in hash is causing endless health problems. Nothing obvious at first, but over time the damage inhaling the crap in the hash is quite brutal on the lungs. Yet another obvious reason to regulate and legalise it…

  3. Multiple multi million grows busted yet the weed still flows. Got Vietnamese and Eastern European’s making big money for the black market. This could be stopped with the legalisation of weed. We really need to follow the rest of the world and make recreational use legal.

  4. The War on Drugs, they call it. Yes, on the surface of things……….More accurately, removing the new Competition from the Old Money areas of profit….so, if you're an independent, it's high-risk.
    Cannabis is a herb, and the war against it, has been ongoing since the 1930s….when the Chemical/Pharma corporates set up shop, and displaced cannabis, as an industrial/medicinal material ( eg: textiles,clothing,medicinal )…..and here we are in 2020……..EVERYTHING is chemicals now. Every bite you eat, every pill you pop,….and so many pills there are.
    Yes…..welcome to the Crime Economy, which buddies up with on-line Gambling, as the way out of financial dead-ends…..not forgetting the engine-room of this forming Social disaster>>>The Complete Crash of the Western Banking System….and that should do it.
    In 2021 and on…….

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