Should recreational marijuana use be legal? Hear from the local lawmaker who just proposed a bill sa

Pennsylvania state Rep. Jake Wheatley Jr. introduced a new bill that would legalize recreational marijuana. This is the second attempt by Wheatley to legalize …

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  1. Leaf and tip is a super food, dried out and it's a herb ..
    Why not ban all herb's, cannabis is like apricot seed, it can end the growth of cancer..
    Go to Jamaica, as cannabis was never deemed illegal, they have found less people smoke it now then 40 year's ago..
    Why is Jamaica so advanced when it comes to cannabis, is because they've always tested it against most disease's, plain cannabis with no mixture is healthier than vape machines !!
    America is so behind on the science of cannabis, the world finds this funny, they know more about LSD then anything else..

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