Illegal marijuana dispensary busted under new rules

A scuffle broke out between a tenant and officers during a raid of an illegal pot shop Tuesday. It marks the first time police have taken advantage of recent …


  1. Good luck shutting down the black market cuz it's probably never going to happen with cannabis alcohol is one thing but people who smoke cannabis take pride and what they do we ain't going to stop I'll tell you that much they may as well just give the right to the public to do what they want with it as well and not making a monopoly where big companies can only invest in it because that right there makes people that have been doing it for years angry and actual veterans are never and I repeat never ever ever ever ever ever going to buy from those stores when doing these things to us

  2. In America that guy is charged with felony assault on Police Officer, resisting arrest, obstruction, trespassing and possession of controlled substances(marijuana). Then you take a plea deal to only a couple of those charges and it's considered a "break".

  3. UGH! I know the legislative nonsense and licensing and everything is a hassle, but rogue dispensaries wreck it for the legal market. People worked very, very hard to change these laws. If you don't like the current arrangement, get the law changed. Somebody's grandma could be getting mugged while you're tying up the cops with this bullshit.

  4. Lol they're trying to get around the law by having people pretty much live at the dispensaries.

    Follow the fucking laws. All the cannabis activists who didnt get to live to see legalization are rolling in their graves right now.

    Who ever is renting space out to the folks living at these illegal dispensaries should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. Canada is being too nice.

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