How Ireland Accidentally Legalized Drugs for Two Days

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  1. Imagine you get arrested for doing drugs the day before and you have to watch all of your friends smoking crack from behind the bars

  2. 0:25 , wow I thought this was a researched video. As an American who has done no research I can confirm all they eat are lucky charms and 4 leaf clovers

  3. Technically speaking, if the law was unconstitutional drugs were lagal all this time and everyone who got jaild for drugs in that time was jailed illegally

  4. Not only did this law enable capricious law making, but also enabled retroactive law making. That is, outlawing what one already has legal possession of. Imagine the tyranny, government, can on a whim outlaw all blue cars. You and your blue car are now criminal though you had no intent (another legal concept) to break the law, as no such law existed at the time you acquired your blue car.

  5. I find it funny how he recognized how Singapore was misspelled in previous video but then "Unconstitutional" was misspelled as "Unconstituional" in this video

  6. Oy, stuff yer gob about the food, boyo! Ya wouldn't be having those hash browns or Shepard's pie if it weren't for 'em!

  7. The beer idea might work. I will probably not bond with Allie and just get a hangover. I am just going to realize you all have the worst ideas.

  8. Criminals in other countries:drugs are illegal here
    sees the video
    Criminals:were going to ireland boyz
    Plot twist they got caught

  9. Ireland is famous for drink but the generation has changed and the majority of people are using drugs and alcohol is dying down

  10. The specific blacklist bugs me. What if you design a drug which consists of a big molecule which can undergo near endless tiny changes which change the correct name of the drug, but have close to no effect on the molecules effect. You could release a new version on a daily basis and always gotten rid of the previous one before it got added to the soon 100 page long list. Of course consumption would be super dangerous, but drugs usually are dangerous.

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