Do All Cows Have Horns? and Other Agriculture Questions

Today we look at the future of ranching and agricultural literacy in the US. We can raise awareness of ranching, farming and agriculture by answering questions …


  1. I'll definitely spend a weekend there. I need a good road trip this summer on the bike. I'll bring my own shovel if need be

  2. New subscriber here. I'm a NYC city boy and this channel is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for all the information. Wish I could just up and leave and live peacefully without all the hustle n bustle of city life. God bless you, your family and the ranch.

  3. So then strawberry milk comes from red cows right? Haha. The thoughts of those that are disconnected never cease to amaze me.

  4. That's exactly how I found you. Not sure what I was watching but it could have been gardening which turned to farming/ranching when I stumbled upon your channel sometime last year. Next thing I knew I was binge watching all your videos

  5. New Subscriber from Tn, USA. Ryan Ingleton sent me your way. Please check out my channel too.
    – John @ The ProCut

  6. We used to dehorn but then the wolf managment where i live and have a ranch introduced wolves to the area so we decided not to dehorn so that the cattle could have atleast one way of protecting itselves. We have a couple of corriente cows but the bulls are naturally polled. I like Angus or Beefmaster cattle because if the beef production but if i were not for that i would go 100 percent Texas Longhorn. One day i was giving a presentation on beefmaster cattle and one of my themes was on the milk production and then she said that she thought only black and white cows give milk(probably refering to jersey cows)🤣😂.

  7. Just imagine Mike & Erin producing an educational channel geared toward 3rd to 4th graders on basic agriculture. Just imagine. Knowledge about how food is grown on a non-industrial scale.

  8. I can't wait to see the finished house. You & your wife are doing it proud Mike.
    I have a suggestion Mike.
    An old saddle with bridal & reins refurbished on a barrel stand.
    A pair of old boot's refurbished.
    A set of old spurs.
    An old lariat, saddle bag & bed roll & complete set of an old frying pan, coffee pot & coffee cup. Everything a Cowboy needed when alone on the Range.
    Lol! I always wanted to do a den like that.
    I love your Father In-laws desk it reminds me of the one we had that was passed down.
    I shared your video. Hopefully it will educate our youngsters & other's.
    Thank you for this video.

  9. You know I love going to my grandpas farm and I have taken so many agriculture classes that I find it almost impossible for people to not know any of this but I have to remember that not everyone has the opportunity that I have to learn everything about it

  10. Hi Mike, the house will be amazing when completed, would love to visit but I live in the UK. I look forward to seeing the video when you have completed it. Great videos always

  11. My mother is a seamstress and she has an antique sewing machine and desk exactly like that. She actually uses it to sew denim items and others fabrics that are really thick. That’s awesome.

    ETA: those cabinets are AMAZING!!!

  12. 3:09 of the 18 states that still have the Pig, Alabama boasts the most, at over 100 in state. Thanks for the nod. As for the house, that's not a home, it's a MUSEUM!

  13. Horned cows tend to be the bullies of any dairy herd when ever they come in to be milked making each other fall ans slip when in the yards sso can be a bit of a nightmare yet most dairy breeds have horns which seems strange that we haven’t got rid of them it makes me wonder if the genes for high milk production also account for horns but even sheep are bred without horns in some breeds and if you have ever been hooked in the back of the leg by the horn of some ewe you are handling you quickly realise what a nusiounse they are rams horns are easier to avoid being bigger and further to the tip-top of the head while arwe at least a merino ewes horns curl behind her ears and you forget they are there until you get hooked by one

  14. My best summers were spent on my Aunt and Uncle's farm. Mixed farming…..I know where my food comes from!

  15. Thank's Mike for yet another wonderful look into ranching. Your videos inspire so many folks that are young and learning how to succeed in living the life that you and your family continue to show the world, the hard truths and rewards of raising our food. God Bless my friend, and please continue the journey, to bring America the "what it takes" to make ends meet to be successful!

  16. I had doctor in Dallas tell me 5 year old son boy cows had horns and girl cows didn't. My wife nearly broke my ribs picking me not to say something and be nice. I bit my toung and said nothing. I wish I had. How can doctor be so smart and so dumb? We had a big laugh after and tell everyone. You are doing a good job Mike trying to educate people. Keep up the good work.

  17. Looks like you're broadening your horizons Mike. And looks like the kids can use the education you're providing. They're sure not getting it in school. Well, I know where to stay in Wyoming!

  18. Admirable goals, Mike. As a retired IA teacher, I can appreciate what you are trying to do… Keep it up up!

  19. Hey Mike hope you can help me. Do you know what's going on with Reed and his channel can't get it for some reason?

  20. When I think back on my childhood, the number of farmers have reduced. There is very few farmers left. Most are familys that have passed it down. Now the children do not want any part of it.

  21. It's a great message Mike!!! I like what your're doing, and I'll do my part too. Now, it's time to feed cows. Hi from Northern Alberta!

  22. Kind of amazing that so many kids in California didnt know better. California is one of the leading food producers in the nation. I shared this on FB thanks for producing the video. Charles

  23. You mean hamburger comes from cows. I thought they were just for roadside decoration for my sunday drives in the country.. Honestly amazing how little people know about what goes on behind the scenes to make their daily lives happen . I see this all the time with my work regarding civic infrastructure. People have no idea what's around or underneath them. Please keep the excellent videos coming.

  24. 2% are farmers? So sad. I so dislike factory farms as they are doing such a poor job at it. I love highland cows. But they are so few .

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