77-Year-Old Coloradan With Parkinson's Does An About Face On Marijuana

A medical marijuana study at the University of Colorado Hospital is looking into whether pot can help people suffering from Parkinson’s disease.


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  2. CBD is snake oil for me. Hasn't improved any of my symptoms and it's expensive as hell. I live in Utah, and there is a hemp registry that companies have to apply for. Successful applicants are required to provide access for the state to lab test at random for the contents of the CBD. So I know I'm getting lab-grade oil, but it just hasn't helped.

  3. It’s amazing how brainwashed most people are about cannabis. And they have no idea how manipulated they’ve been all of their lives.

  4. I’m a proponent but it’s a double standard. For example, replace the word “marijuana” by “vodka” … A whole different tone, huh?

  5. marijuana destroys dopamine receptor cells which balance the body and can cause a lot of mental illnesses when used heavily over long periods of time

  6. Some of our poor doctors are out of touch with reality. May God have mercy and grant them understanding. Racism, greed, ignorance and hypocrisy made cannabis illegal, not wisdom.

    This blessed doctor says, “we legalized before we knew it hade medical benefits.”
    That is appalling. She didn’t know cannabis had medical benefits, but for thousands of years pretty much everyone who used it did know and only for the last 81 years in human history has it been banned. (As far as our historians know.)
    Is it not because they teach greed in the medical industry and not love for human beings?

    Man, while I do rejoice seeing that they eyes of this doctor and this poor man are being opened, I’m saddened by the realization that false teachers proclaiming to be Christian have been preaching evil about cannabis calling it “the devil’s weed.”

    Just so everyone knows, God’s prophets say that God says, “Everything made by God is good.”(1 Tim 4:4)
    And also that God has said, “I have given you every plant.” (Gen 1:29)

    It is a sin against God to ban the plants that God has given to man.

    Some unwise Christians have told me (a fellow Christian) that God cursed the earth and now certain things are bad, but no where does God say cannabis is bad or that a man cannot use it. He says, “a person is not made sinful by what goes into the body but rather by what comes out of the heart.”
    When Adam first sinned God said the earth would “bring fourth thorns and briars” which is a metaphor for sinful people. (See Isaiah 27:4)

    God does not say that using cannabis is bad, hypocrites (people pretending to know what is right and wrong) do.

    Because “all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, no one is righteous, not one,” these people need the blood of Jesus as much as all people do. I pray for them to have opened eyes like the man in this video.

    Anyone who disagrees with that but believes Jesus was sacrificed for their sins, ask Jesus to cleanse you of hypocrisy and to renew your mind, so that you may understand what is wrong and do what is right.

  7. It’s so annoying how they mention that they’re doing studies on marijuana. They know damn well that it works. There’s absolutely no need to “run studies” as if it were never good to begin with.

  8. Big pharma will not allow this. This is why California has this bureau of cannabis control. The word CONTROL is in their title. They want to control this plant.

  9. cbd oil = < 0.02 thc it want help. what a stoner he can be if he doesn't use indica cannabis with thc. HAAAA silly as hell.
    Only rso oil with about to 70% thc would really help 😊
    They are making idiot's from all these poor people

  10. 1:06: Ha, ha, ha.  She gave them CBD oil 'stored under lock and key'.  CBD oil is a miracle medicine, but it contains absolutely no THC/marijuana.

  11. He's not seeing a dramatic Improvement because he's only using one chemical. You need whole plant oil. This poor guy

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