1. It will be states without privatized incarceration industry contracts that penalize local governments if their courts fail to maintain prisons filled near capacity.

  2. This brodcaster needs to stfu its only illegal because nixon was racist so more black people will be arrested

  3. What’s driving me INSANE that no news channels talk about how many people in the USA work in federal jobs and even if it is legal medical or recreational and if you don’t pass a drug test many people careers are rewind forever

  4. Federal law only wants marijuana to remain illegal until they can gain control of the money to be maid. History tells the tell such as when the government said it was legal to own black people . Should you really listen the people that said that was ok and claim to do things in your best interest.
    The biggest criminals in the United States can be found holding office.when did helping hold second to earnings.

  5. Bs. Black market will shut down. Why cause theirs gonna be alot of variety to choose from in the store. You cant get that on the streets. Lol

  6. The feds are evil and love the money big pharma gives them to keep weed illegal. That’s why it’s not legal. It’s proven weed is better. No recorded deaths ever. And proven health benefits. If they cared about your health weed would actually be the help to get you away from the man made chemicals that are toxic.

  7. There are no concerns. The violence would stop. No more shootings over weed mostly. Also no more cartels. Simple. Legalize it. If you have a tolerance to weed driving actually isn’t a problem.

  8. It'll never get shut down even if they try when I was 16 it was way easy for me to get bud than beer.

    Edit: Plus that was in a state that wasn't legal.

  9. Marijuana is much safer than Tobacco and Alcohol! Write your Mayor and Govonor's office requesting LEGALIZING marijuana! We have to put the effort in!

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