Welcome to Tkyorants! My Thursday morning (Tokyo time) show where I talk about all things relating to my life here being in Japan, usually copulated with …


  1. I've been watching you on and off now for the past few years and I have to say my favorite videos of yours are these motorbike rants. Fuck it think i'll get a bike. Keep the good work up

  2. Don’t smoke weed. It’s bad for you. And you could get arrested. Paying for drugs means giving money to organised crime. Even in countries where it’s legalised criminals make huge amounts of weed.

  3. You can really skip the intro srsly man. like put an image on and dont take 3-5 mnutes of time srsly to tell everyone who you are, Im sure a nice photoshop pic saying what you do and who you are should suffice not 3-5 minutes of a thousand lives, that's like 3000 minutes of human time wasted!

  4. After this video Tokyo's version of Swat raided Sam. Lol. I bet Japan doesnt want weed to be legal there because for one, they want there people to be subservient and obey. Cause you were right about people who smoke weed can see the bigger picture. It definitely inspires free thinking.

  5. Nuclear energy is way more economically friendly per kilowatt than coal, hydro, wind, solar, whatever..The carbon impact of renewables is way higher when you factor in build costs, maintenance, land usage etc. Nuclear just has a bad rep because the commies fucked up in the 80's due to 'bargain basement' engineering, and the only other disaster was caused by a fucking Tsunami, and even that was blown way out of proportion by the media. Sadly nuclear is going the way of the dinosaur in many countries, and have decided that going 'green' is the way to go, despite the uncomfortable fact that green energy is actually worse for the environment in the long term. Go figure.

  6. Of course you can do this. In two ways:

    1. You arrest people when they return to your country. No one would stop this. There are many laws that work like this.

    2. You can make agreements with other countries. Like for example Japan could agree with Canada, that weed stays illegal for Japanese citizens. Of course, Canada would want something in return.

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