1. Question about tramadol: been taking 250 mg every other day for past 2 years (just to get the high). As of now 7 days into and haven't slept only about an hour or 2 a night and feel like crap. What are your thoughts? Is that normal?

  2. Take phenibut and combine that with CBD isolate, This will practically knock out withdrawals and allow you some freedom to sleep and actually enjoy yourself. If its not enough, i suggest adding gabapentin or lyrica if possible. (only for the first few days-1week) then titrate off as needed

  3. Phil, have you had any issues taking CBD oil? Seems like people are saying it blocks the livers ability to metabolize Valium, like grapefruit juice does. Would love to know your experience on it. Thanks buddy.

  4. I feel like I'm going to die from slowly tapeirng Valium!!! All sorts of weird nasty things are occurring that aren't even anxiety related.

  5. Going through hell for the last 18 months,was on morphine and 3 different benzos for 20 plus years, took the meds as Dr told me to, Dr shut me off in two months, told me I needed to get another Professional opinion, (PM ), that's when I entered the gates of Hell,I will keep hoping it's going to get better.

  6. I'm tapering off Benzo's … thanks for sharing. Wish I could be strong as you !
    I cry daily because it's so hard and I'm miserable ! Can't wait to feel better !
    thanks !

  7. I stopped tramadol and srris
    Now one month
    I’m feeling great
    Except for anxiety in the morning
    Is that normal after one month
    I feel I get light sensitive

  8. Hey Phil. Jesse here. Off the trams. Feeling pretty damn good overall. My daughter starts school today. Life is going quite well. You're looking well too. Keep it up…..

  9. I've never been so happy to see a Yt upload. You may not be a dr, but you know more and have helped me more than any can. I'm a week shy of 9 months off of Tramadol and Ativan and have hit a wall this week wondering if it's worth it due to intrusive thoughts and memories but again, you saved me. You look very happy and healthy. Thank you, Phil.

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