1. Most of this weed in dispensaries is GMO weed anyways. Thats why its legal all of a sudden to give u the fake pesticide filled weed

  2. Ask someone whats their opinion about something they just repeat what they heard on the tv funny really government is a corporation the government can steal from you but u and i do it thats wrong tax is just legal theft really sad that some people out here cant see that

  3. Monkey see monkey do love what if it’s a trick all that time making people who like marijuana look bad like it’s a bad drug and a gateway drug but that wasn’t true, but new smokers only smoking because it’s legal now that can be a gateway drug for them because their not use to really smoking so then they make harmful real drugs legal next and them bandwagon new smokers will do harder drugs when they become legal too all of a sudden! And great video taxes suck!

  4. It’s about playing the game. You can play the game or the game will play you. Or move to an island or mountains and stay away from the game altogether.

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