MAIL Call ! TNB Naturals and some Slaps ! Cannabis Grow supplies !

Just some mail calls for todays video, #TNBnaturals and some slaps from another Canadian Grower ! Looking for a way to support the channel and need quality …


  1. Shoutout to the Post Office peeps!! My guy has to drive up my long ass driveway to bring anything don’t fit in the mailbox which is like a few times a week! Anywhere from 55lb dog food bags, to bags of Hydroton, to Frigan 45 lb plates for my weight bench!! Snow, Rain, or Shine, our guy brings my stuff!! Jus sucks when he’s got a substitute!! Lol….my little brother is a letter carrier for USPS in my town, kid loves it, so a Def good shoutout for them Pete!! Gotta love Random surprises in the mail!! Have a great day Brotha!! Keep Er Frosty!!!!

  2. Great mail call from TNB they got it going on. Would be great to have a caring mail person like youall .peace muck love stay blessed yall

  3. Make sure you send in some good TNB videos for Your chance to get sponsored. We are taking another 10 growers on top of our current 12

  4. Bro please let me know if there's ever tent or light give a ways please let me know as you can see i definitely need a little more growing space thanks

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