Is WEED Halal in ISLAM?

Cannibas or weed has been legalised in many countries. Some people use this to justify their abuse and addictions. Listen to this balanced view on weed.


  1. Im an addict(14 Years now) and i refused professional help after being 2 days locked between alcohol addicts. This just didn't feel like the solution
    If I just find me a beautiful lady I promise I quit. But now nothing seem to help. I even pray myself sometimes, i know Quran for 25% out of my head( ofcourse im talking about the small sura's) and still no one can convince me to stop.

    Maybe a miraculous situation will change all of this….

  2. If you are living good life( Islam ), then you dont need weed, you will gave yourself reason to smoke but it isnt a real reason, if you are addicted then pray to Allah and ask Him to help you in that situation

  3. weed is the best drug you can intake in the world and in some circumstances can kill cancer sells keep on smoking/toking/eating cannabis

  4. I've used weed since 12, became Muslim at 14, I've used it almost every day or every other day for almost 2 decades now. Do I love and enjoy it, ofcourse. But I also am coming to the understanding that it nullifies the Muslim I want to be. I've wasted so much precious time using it, looking for it, selling it and for what? I want to be pure and on point not in some mentally and spiritually sleeping like state. I grew up in the US. Alcohol is advertised more than anything. But that doesn't mean it's okay to go have a few cold ones with the fellas after work if you are a Muslim. I used to justify weed use saying how many people die in vehicular accidents due to it's use compared to alcohol. I thought I had a great point until I looked at all the sketchy situations I've been through buying or selling weed. I could've been robbed, killed or laced. The only reason the US is now trying to fully legalize it is because of money by ways of taxing. In all I just feel like a fiend when I want to smoke and I'm broke and don't have any. This is not what Allah swt wants!

  5. I don’t understand why weed isn’t allowed, the Quran is specially talking about alcohol since the people in the era were getting intoxicated through it.And I am sure weed is allowed if it’s for medicinal purposes.Further more people who only use marijuana have the same odds i longevity as the other

  6. Alcohol beer and weed are in the same page meaning punishment from allah is certain. And the people who sell any of these stuff the punishment shall come to him on the day of qayamah. And also u should never pay Salam or neither talk to him or even walk around with him. And also selling bringing or buying it for someone is haram and there will be punishment from allah

  7. I'm muslim but Ive never done any drugs but marjuana and to be honest it wasn't bad at all because its very beneficial and it's impossible to overdose on it

  8. I mean I think the one from the shop is haram cause there are extra ingredients they put on it but I don’t think weed is haram because of weed is haram coffee would be haram to if you grow your own weed it’s fresh it’s healthy and Weed is not a drug it’s a medicine and by the way weed has killed 0 people in history so that’s why I don’t think it’s haram

  9. I understand its part of the intoxicants, but with weed a person can perfectly control himself, drive, walk straight, focus on things, work, do every single normal thing a sober person can do also it is not addictive… unlike alcohol or any other hardcore drug which you are unable to act normal and unaware of the actions you do. Also cbd is different than thc as it is all chemicals. So my question is why is it haram if a person is able to do all normal activites and act normal while on it.

  10. So smoking isn't permitted even though we have cannabinoid receptors in our bodies everyone is born with or what about endocannabinoid system that affects our nervous system and mental health?

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