1. Have you been practicing any of these bad investment habits? Leave a comment below!

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  2. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me, I have been watching you for a while, and I have a hunger for financial freedom

  3. I have learned so much in the past 3 years. Never FOMO into a market. wait until it comes down and buy. And the second thing I learned is if you reach your target, then get out.

  4. Investing is the key to financial success, the rich invest in assets while the poor invest in liabilities. I rather invest and have my money work for me rather than just save and have it sitting there.

  5. There are always uncertainties. You can find cheap good companies in Europe and emerging markets. You can keep cash but cash will suffer from QE. Gold is a better store of value than cash and short term bonds.

  6. Phil, great video as always. Enjoy your content. Where I differ in opinion is going “completely to cash” during the frothy times of today. I personally save money on the sidelines waiting for at least a 20% correction. But those great companies and entry points that I bought in at in 2008, I am hanging on and will not sell now, because I am enjoying that nice income stream (dividends) to purchase when the market corrects in the next year or two. Look at Munger’s purchases with the Daily Journal in 2008 – he just stays invested because his entry point was amazing and collects those Wells Fargo dividends

  7. Your comment at the 4.45 point of the video is a lie! Since January of 2018 the stock market (Stock stock market ETF (VTI) has gone up 23.86%. How did you get the 3% figure?

  8. Question 1
    How do you get lots of cash without borrowing money? (Do you just have as much of your pay check)
    Are we meant to wait maybe till end of the year before assessing the market and into apple Microsoft Amazon?

  9. I don’t want to just ask which ones to choose but should I follow the ones that people like warren choose? Bank of America etc..???? Thank you the only thing I’m worried about is all these company’s on sale and me not knowing what too choose?

  10. My steps going to be:
    – Learn more about invest.
    – Make a watchlist.
    – Trade the bear market (yes trading every week).
    – Put my money in my stocks watchlist when they are at a discount point.
    – Enjoy life.

  11. Thank goodness I live in England where we don't have to worry about health care costs. We pay our National Insurance and it's all free, apart from a small amount for prescriptions.

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