iDoser FREE Binaural Brain Dose MARIJUANA EDIBLE

FREE #BINAURAL BRAIN #DOSE MUSIC This ultra-powerful session is designed as an analogue to consuming a cannabis edible. Similar to an edible, it will …


  1. I lyed on my bed, turned lights off and turned this video to relax. I filled good and happy. All my problems flew away from first minutes

  2. It works but does not compare to an actual high from weed, still good tho and actually pretty close, just use good quality headphones or earphones and relax and it should work.

  3. Hmm. I was going to post a BS comment, esp after the ad in the middle of the video, but at the end when I was about to post, I noticed my pulse in my earbuds. Checked it… Pounding… My heartrate is racing like I'm doing cardio and I'm just sitting in the tub with my eyes closed. So I have to admit something is going on here.

  4. My dog was barking irl and we he stopped it could still hear it like an echo. I then realized I was having an auditory hallucination and just went with it. What a time!

  5. I do feel some kind off psyocactive effect, but not AS intense AS actual cannabis. THIS was fun and extremely chill tho

  6. Guys, you absolutely have to listen to the whole thing. It’s like a computer program. It won’t work if you just run part of the code.

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