1. that will force them to change or go broke never tollerate bs in a free society and that means bs from any source

  2. this bs of doin scipts without even knowin wat there prescribing them for is a blatent example of mal practice sue there ass off and the insurance companys with them

  3. Tikun Olam, a company out of Israel who trades seeds and information with our medical dispensaries. Amazingly medicinal genetics out of Israel.

  4. ALL CANNABIS is MEDICAL !!! Thank you, that is what i am always saying !!! So the hunt on cannabisusers is a hunt from healthy people ??? against sick ??? Whatever the criminbalisation includes …its a part to get rid of people…there is no other answer ! Its politics and a part of the agenda to reduce population. . I see a conspiracy pharamacy, politics police and doctors…they are destroying the true side of cannabis. Cannabis is my health cure…i have copd and cannabis my confession ! and becose they busted me now with THC in the blood they took away my drivinglicense…so i loose my job…so i loose my home …..my reputation …its war ! Its a 100 000 people and more only in germany which get treated like that ., not to speak about the rest of the world. Aint that a reason to get political asyl ? The answer is : No !!!! Germany is on the list of secure countries, they respect the human rights. Not only people in future will laugh so hard about this , but as long there is nothing to laugh …there is a lot of suffering.
    Meanwhile i am healed from COPD….says the doctor ??? After i had the diagnose 10 y ago , and after i told the doctors about my good experience with cannabis….these doctors tell me now…i have no COPD ??? and so no reason to demand for this medicine….So you see how this works hand in hand with that conspiracy. , the doctors participate…the police enjoy terrorizing helpless people , its easier to catch real criminals….these kinda people where those who made the nightmare of the nazi regime possible….and they do it again ! greetz from germany its my home , but it wont remain my home. Its a shame the german government….i need to leave , if i will go on living in peace and dignity …that is germany , germany within 21th century…

  5. Good stuff!

    Robots planting hemp/cannabis…Robots take harvest to 3d printers…Humans get needs/wants…For free…Forever…

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