Black In Cannabis: Transplanting Product On Point

I have had an epic slime using these new transplanting Nursery bags. They’re extremely phenomenal and allow you to be more efficient and effective with your …


  1. lol man Fox Farms soil is garbage lately. Idk the last few times i've tried giving it another chance ALL YEAR it's beeen some BULLSHIT. I'm sticking to ProMix HP and Liquid Nutrients. I'm not even getting into what liquid nutrients I use because we all know there are 900000 of them and everyone has their preference and budget.

  2. Bro I been fuckn with you for years .
    Go big bro is your fuckn trademark, I respect that shit 💪🏽 where’s Big Daddy bro?

  3. Hey fam you got some gas( 91 octane)
    I see u i see u,, im trying to get like u but im starting at the bottom…….

  4. Sup bro feel doing an inside grow with 40s take a look on my channel see if u got any helpful intell fr.i would appreciate it bro im always looking on ur channel

  5. I’ll give you a good method that will make you life easier and say it to your self this is the KISS method keep it simple stupid

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