Black In Cannabis: I Need Help With Last Pick

Welcome to another episode of Adventure. Brought to you by your big boy. Today’s adventure we’re going to try to figure out what strain we’re going to use to fill …


  1. That's how MEN are supposed to speak str8 up. I raised alpha men💪. They agenda is to weaken the family structure so the bloodlines become extinct… Stick with the cookie og.

  2. Dey Be On Some Suspect Sass!!! TOO FUNNY BRO!!! THANK YOU!!! ….Oh… & I vote that Pineapple Upside Down Cake!!!

  3. Cookie og ….and defo all about the soil Nat 💯💯💯 Live in 🦠 bacteria 🦠 ur Irish ☘️ pal 💯💙💙🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

  4. Real ass dude. Nd you right these fruity ass sassy jits really tryna be something they not, a MAN. Stay up and keep at if OG! Btw that Cookie og lookin like a damn champion

  5. My plants had the same spot on the leaf when grew in soil but I switch to coco perlite my shit stay green and praying to the light now I will never grow in soil again

  6. I swear to God I feel you I always be saying what happened to straight people rights gay people got rights what happened to mine🤔shit crazy

  7. Bauchulitis. When smoking around the plants they can develop bauchulitis. That might not be the right spelling but it's something like that and a possibility.

  8. that strawberry cheesecake!! think about it!! last plant was SUPER FROSTY!! yelid sucked? 
    try another run!! everyone deserves a second chance lol

  9. Shhhiddd…Nigga let a OG spend w u on them lower nugs..that good budget shit….Take some of that fire low low of your hands bruh.What your Ig name fam?

  10. Go with that gut….You paused on the Cookie OG for a second. Go with the savage OCEAN GROWN. Then finish off the table with that Strawberry Cheese cake. That's one cultivator to another. Peace love and BELLBOTTOMS.

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