1. Curious how much you take of the Rideau and when you dose? I know it all depends on the person, but I would be interested if you would share?

    And do you ever take the Rideau at night for sleep? I have taken 2ml of the Rideau for about 6 months (every morning) and notice great effects throughout the day but i have such a hard time sleeping. I was thinking about taking it at night aswell to see if it could help. I'm not a huge fan of THC anymore, it tends to make my anxiety worse. So if I could use Rideau day and night, that would be awesome.

  2. I'm with CanTrust Lp there my third one I purchase once during my script to stay Legal Medicinal patient way more benifits if your medicinal Plant count and possession count are way higher CannTrust was the best Lp. so far but still it was irradiated great show 🍁 🙏 🍁

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