Not all grow stores are built the same, especially your local grow store. So if you are shopping at the grow store, you’ll want to watch this video to learn how to …


  1. The quality of these videos is going up. Went from 2 high homies on the couch to in a store. My first grow is dedicated to these guys from buying to make some canna oil to making my own.

  2. Checking your club but I'm in a red state what a bummer anyway maybe one day I don't think it's going to be no time soon okie dokie stay cool

  3. Thank you for saying that Cannabis is not an easy plant to grow cause it’s a weed… so far from the truth you definitely got to do your homework and be open to always bettering your growing skills. But it’s not an easy plant to grow it’s actually a picky plant and you have to know what to feed when to feed that specific strain or just the plant even if you have a few of the same each plant might react differently to feedings so you have to be open to constantly learn more but not in anyway can just anyone drop a seed in soil and boom there’s gonna be a judge awesome plant with amazing flower in the end. I always b.s with the guys in my local grow shop and it’s not legal here yet in NY but the stores that are around know what’s up you just refrase the word😉 again good shit homies much love and respect ✊ from L.I NY stay medicated😎😎🤟

  4. Great video guys, this one dropped a lot of gold on the newer growers its too easy to go apeshit on spending when starting out, buy what you need for your setup is a key for sure, i wish id seen this 3 yrs ago lol keep up the great work guys 🖒🖒🖒

  5. this video is irrelevant for people out of the Netherlands, cause we got a law that forbid grow stores or any other store that sell materials that's used to grow cannabis with.


  6. Thank you so much for being real I don't feel so dumb now thanks for all the good info keep the good work up have a great day

  7. Thanks for the vid
    If I’m ever in Michigan I’ll check out trey’s shop
    The ones we have here in northern Ontario are kinda Mickey Mouse I get most of my stuff of amazon but try to buy local if I can

  8. My grow knowledge has just entered the perpetual cannabis epic level. A wise weed wizard once said "its more than just a plant"

  9. We had a store called Worm's Way they have police working there whenever you bought something they show up at your house they change their name but they still do the same bull crap

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