1. I will also be bringing a strain from idlib called al grab them by the pussy. It will first be offered at the jerusilum of pharmacy's for brain injuries al malekite😂

  2. That house in Arizona i got sent to! It's a shelter for kids with problems as a kinda alternative to jail. I saw the room with pipes coming outta the wall. They had the pictures of when it was busted… 13 year old me was hooked! I'm so glad i found this episode

  3. You never stop at the point you guys should have!! If you want to, please help me out with growing!!? Everyone will tell you what ever, they look at me for the answer, which will never be given!!! So help ME PLEASE!!??

  4. All these Trump haters are something else ! Just shows that the majority of us citizens are crooked, evil, heartless people ! The only other alternative was Hillary "murdering cunt" Clinton ! Trump has never killed anyone, or payed to kill anyone like bill and Hillary have done, so anybody who hates Trump is just plain evil themselves. Good people would not vote for that Kim Jong un dressing Cunt !

  5. I used to like this but Adam and Mitch won't let the guests talk without constant interruption, maybe they shouldn't smoke before, and during interview ! I know it's not just me

  6. Wow they mentioned the omega wheel ..lol..my first hydro set up it was ok i made my money back off it but man that thing was not user friendly!

  7. Whats up with the Sound,, the guest needs volume… and adam and co host are so loud.. leaving me to adjust.. UGH lol

  8. Man it was a good conversation for about the first hour and then everything kind of falls apart guys.
    It would have been nice in my opinion if you have a lot more specific questions answers I know it was really kind of hard to keep things on track but I didn't really get any of the questions that I had personally answered which is kind of a shame but hopefully I can hook up with Frank in the future thanks for the effort guys

  9. 3 lbs a month out of 3 thousand watts isnt that hard so i dont know what this guy is talking about…lol 36 little clones under a 1000 watt would be nice though, so long since i've seen sea of green style, lots of scrogs with big plants but the 80's sog is hard to come by.. cool show big up from southern Ontario

  10. Aaaaaah, I'm so pissed at myself because I missed this show, this guy is a legend and I'm watching now, Thank you very much Adam, Mitch, and Mr.Gegax, I feel blessed !

  11. Worst audio.. all I can hear is Adam breath I have to turn Adam up to 110db to get 80 out of Frank and the other guy.

  12. beautiful. I been waiting so long for this since the true history OG story. This guy is a hero. living breathing Han Solo. Did he have a Wookie?

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