🔴 I NEED YOUR HELP / CBD Oil For Depression?

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  1. I hope the cbd is helping. I have depression and generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety. I've recently started dabbling in the cbd world. Cbd won't make you feel any different and you can't overdose. I got hurt on the job and was terminated because of it so I lost my insurance. With cbd you need to put it under your tongue and keep it there for at least 30 seconds. Try playing with different mgs. I bought a 100mg bottle and was putting a whole dropper under my tongue. It hasn't really helped much though and it can get very expensive.

  2. Hey man I fight depression every day with some other shit sprinkled in and have tried all this stuff.Drugs ,exercise breaking shit ect.
    The only thing that stabilizes me for any period of time has been micro dosing magic mushrooms like one small dose will straighten me out for a month.
    A micro dose will be like a super happy beer buzz with enhanced colors it wears off and I'm upbeat and happy for weeks.Like 2 caps man.But if you go for a raging high and eat the whole bag it wont work the same you might even work against your goal and have extreme anxiety.
    It's super hard for me to find shrooms but I eat some when I can and every time it straightens me out for weeks.
    I know this sounds wack but one small dose soothes what ales me.

  3. There is company based in Colorado that infuses CBD oil with coffee that is really beneficial to people who suffer from depression.

  4. I meant doses , not dose. CBD helps a lot of people. Start with small amount. See how you feel. Then add more and see how you feel, then more. The only thing about pot, not covered through insurance so it get expensive.

  5. Cannibis May help. Going to talk with a Healthcare progressional. I use medical pot for a chronic pain condition, so I know the good effects. CBD oil has some great benefits but works best if it comes from the marijuana plant, not the hemp plant. A tiny bit of THC helps promote the benefits. Not enough to make you feel high. And I’m not kidding here but small does of non painful electric currents, through a medical treatment plan has been shown to help chronic depression. Good luck. Depression sucks.

  6. I've been using CBD oil for several months. I was on Prozac for four years. I was having bouts of depression that would last a couple of weeks. When I added the CBD oil, the bouts only lasted three to five days. I eased myself off the Prozac (with the doctor's guidance) back in May. The CBD oil helps when the depression rears its ugly head. Coming off the Prozac was tough. I had to continually tell myself that it was a mind altering drug and it would take time to get over it, and I did. It took about 6 weeks to get past all of the withdrawals. The CBD oil definitely helped.

    I use one dropper full before bed. I sleep better and feel better when awake.

  7. No personal experience with CBD oil but i would definitely experiment with it. Sooner or later you will realize that doctors don't have all the answers and medication has it's limits. Don't stop looking for a solution!!!

    For me AC Chelation helped tremendously. That's something else you can try at home and cheap. Some people in the group mentioned CBD oil but sadly we can't discuss it because of stupid FB rules. It seems like some of them had good results with certain symptoms.

    There's a video on YouTube of CBD helping a Parkinson's patient. The guy put 2 drops under his tongue and stopped shaking in less than 4 minutes while his expensive medication failed him miserably.

  8. Started it a week ago. 3 drops under my tongue in the morning and evening.. seems to be helping my depression. Been suffering for many years. Currently on anti depressants. I'm hopefull… good luck buddy

  9. Thought about CBD. Not 100% onboard. Maybe finding some outlet to take your mind off things. Being a chemical puppet is not cool; just started an herbal supplement called happy camper. You could try that. But. Finding a new hobby (cooking; online classes, etc) could take your mind away from your mind. I can't shut my brain off…..EVER. I started tai chi. It seems to help.

  10. I’ve never tried oil or even heard about it, I’m in the UK but I don’t think any treatment helps. Even if it works, because you’re persuading yourself you can’t do it yourself and you’re dependent on medication. I blamed my depression on heavy metal music, and I haven’t listened to it in years. Like other have said, find what makes you happy, rather than finding the right tablets

  11. One of the simpler things not mentioned here, Vitamin D. Ive definitely felt happier with and it also makes me sleep more deeply. I live in a sunny climate so i didnt think I needed it but it worked really well. Its not a cure but it makes life easier.

  12. Pills are never the answer. There's to many side effects. Weed and cbd they both get a bad rap for no reason. There's nothing wrong with either one they have no bad side effects, it's literally impossible to overdose on, it's non addictive, you can eat it or smoke it. Don't just take the intenets word for it give it a try yourself if you're really curious and see if it works for you. Worse case scenario you're out the few bucks you spent on It. 😒

  13. I’m anti drug for most things and using medical marijuana based drugs is far to newish to me it’s just a lazy doctor looking for short cut so he doesn’t have to do the whole doctoring thing to find the actual cause rather than just treating the symptom.

  14. Tried eating thc it if you don't want to smoke it ,start with small amounts of prepared cannabis cookie or brownie not the cbd kind, is not meant for depression really good for avoiding seizure not helping depression.riding does it for me most of time in summer if that does not work for you,eat a cookie or a brownie or any other food made with thc in it will have you smiling in no time.Keep it away from your kids like other stuff just for adults.

  15. I hope your days gets clearer through all your depression brotha . I went through depression years ago and still is as we speak but I keep motivating myself to not give up my battle with depression dropping my sword shield and armor but instead I have to fight til I win against the depression. Try humming a song to something that makes you happy than sad . Stay strong brotha

  16. My daughter is fighting a brain tumor and I did all my research and saved up money to speak with a holistic doctor. CBD helped with her tumor and helped me with my stress and depression. No if or ands about it, she is barely 2 yrs old. Just try it brother and if you feel like it's not helping then try a different way, cuz you won't know till you try. Love your channel bro.

  17. There no 'high' with CBD oil because it's made with Hemp, not Cannabis. After two cancers and a mini stroke I started using it instead of 'pills' for my anxiety issues. Never felt better. Can't say anything about depression but it's easy to research on the internet and if nothing else, do a road trip to Colorado or Nevada and ask around there.
    I have a friend who is Bi-polar and he said the same thing, no high. But it does keep him balanced.

  18. I only read CBD works for people with epilepsy.
    One thing you could try for a few sessions is acupuncture. I was in a slump months ago, it affected my digestive system too. Acupuncture cured that and now I feel a lot better.

  19. Kava, may work for a little while, Yerba mate is better, and Reishi mushroom is the king. Also don't discount black tea, there's a very good reason that the British empire built it self with it.

    The federal law regarding said plant and derivatives will destroy your life and give you a C. record. The plant it self might save your life, so long as you realize it is a crutch or medicine, and treat it as such.

    Anyone who says they don't need a crutch or medicine every now and again is a chronic liar. Black and white. Plane and simple. Same guy or girl that tells you he or she has never ever picked his or her nose.

    The law will destroy you if you are careless, but the plant will help you to keep yourself living despite shity circumstances, so long as you continue to improve yourself. Education is a life long pursuit and isn't something that 'the man' can stop you from achieving. And that scares them more than Cannabis ever will.

    Think about that man. You can modify the behavior of billionaires, sociopaths, and corporations by seeking and contributing to education.

    also you may find a low carb diet interesting. I've lost 8 ibs in 20 days and have been very loose with it. anyways Dan, I hope you find your equaliberoum you are a good guy. And you have helped a lot of people. Most of us just don't talk about it.

    Keep on doing what you enjoy man. Cheers from BC Canada

    edit maybe rhum doesn't help with grammar haha

  20. Prolly not on the CBD. If you really understand depression you will know most meds are band aids. You need to get to the root of your depression and make it better with new habits and be persistent with treatment. Relying on meds will only delay the inevitable. I've battled with depression for 20 years and the past 5 or so years ive developed new habbits to minimalize the struggle. Drawing and walking helped me tons. No meds have ever helped me as much as pencil paper and walking. I hope you find your route to a healthy life and minimalizing your own demons.

  21. My 2018 indian scout 60 has been doing wonders for my disatisfaction. Trade in the HD for an Indian. 😉👍 kidding bro.

  22. I hear the extracts are great for several purposes. From nerve disorders to mental issues. Best to consult a dr. Self medicating usually leads to abuse.

  23. The way understand it, CBD is less psychoactive than THC….. more of a body stone, pain management….. if you're psycho, take CBD and you'll be less active….(I guess, wife knows lots more about it than me)

  24. It's different for different people mate. Acid on the other hand actually works if you want to go down that road. You lose your ego and that will only have a positive effect. Not for everyone though. I know lol

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