1. I've been dealing with trigeminal neuralgia ever since my ex tried to kill me after coming home from Iraq . it's so extremely painful I did commit suicide I was pronounced dead, then brought back and was in a coma, came out of the coma and long story short I was a heroin addict for years. However if changed my life around and I'm now going on 5 years clean!

  2. Bullshit. You're a drummer in a pathetic childish band and have made millions of dollars doing nothing. You are not a tortured artist because the artistry in drumming is damn near non existent. There's nothing interesting or deep about you Travis. You're not a tortured soul expressing yourself through art. You're a percussionist who isn't that good at percussion at all. Get over yourself. You're 40 something. Grow up pendejo.

  3. Nope, that guy is wrong. People in Europe still mostly smoke "spliffs" (weed mixed with tobacco).
    It's a waste of weed if you smoke it pure imho
    Also that guy was crazy to bring weed into Iraq loool I remember when I went to Egypt i saw signs all over the airport that said ''drug smugglers serve the death penalty in this country". And ofc I'm guessing their definition of smuggler is very wide

  4. I keep it green, once I fell off my skateboard and I got a concussion and got a headache for a month. I can’t drink or smoke tobacco because it causes me to get headaches quick.

  5. I was diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia when I was 26 . Now Im 48 and I still have it . It's the worse pain ever. I'm not surprised they call it the Suicide Disease. It's a nightmare.

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