1. McHenry was popping early 2000's, drag races on street, cruise up and down all night finding something to get into late night's. Good Times

  2. I know what you mean with the taste of Mexican candy for some reason my strawnana diamonds I picked up a month ago smelled and tasted like it which I donโ€™t mind because I actually like the flavor

  3. yea everything seems to be old in there i got a kurvana half gram pen and it was a year old . but it explains why there cheap

  4. If the shop you went to is a franchise of another shop aka Stiiizy, Cookies etc. A lot of these brands are offloading the older batches of flower, wax, and cartridges to make up for all the money theyโ€™re spending on the original locations, licenses, payroll etc. I tend to go to one location brands/dispensaries. Usually get fresher batches.

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