OG LAB – Prep Training our Hawaiian Cannabis Strains for Testing – Week 5

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  1. Aloha Vader..
    Glad everything is working out with the grow this round ,, I love watching your channel, it’s my favorite. Glad Valkyrie is making a great recovery, y’all our beautiful together! Take care and keep up the amazing knowledge giving that you do, till next time,, stay lifted my friend… 🤘

  2. Ever had an issue with the t5s or t4s , while fitting a bulb with the power on ? Wondering if connecting the t5 bulb with it powered on will affect any thing overall or take away from the standards ? Also , does spraying with the lights on , on the underside of the leaves , effect the bulbs with water spots and cause depleation of the overall preformance of the spectrum ?

  3. I tested a whole bedroom, t5 8 bulb versus the CMH by Philips(official cmh iirc).. at about 100W less per hour, cmh gives the same veg as a t5 8 bulber with hortilux t5 powerveg bulbs, as well(top of the line t5).. for many t5s, you can save if youre running multiples.. just a more unknown fact, i did testing in a not licensed spot so no video.. but for sure 315W cmh is better for veg than t5 8bulb, confirmed.. i dont bs. also more than 1 run, all new bulbs and kits.

  4. Aloha… looking great over there… couldn't agree more when it comes to the t5's I'm buying the less expensive 20-40 count cases cuz I already harvested what I could from my old fixtures like yourself and they're piling up too lol and if not for the cost I probably would have changed to led for veg already… how's the comm. facility coming along? Hope certs and inspections going smoothly… always wishing you and the crew the best🤙✌

  5. The reason for the bulbs and ballasts going out is they are trying to phase them out. Commercially they have been doing it for a long time causing companies to upgrade to led. Kinda sad…… Cheers bro 👊

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