More Than 80,000 Spinal Cord Stimulator Injury Reports Filed With FDA | NBC Nightly News

Some 60000 spinal cord stimulators are surgically implanted every year. They send a mild electrical current to the spinal cord to relieve chronic pain. An NBC …


  1. I love my stimulator. Matter fact I'm charging it as we speak. Prior to my implant I was near useless and was taking advil like candy to try ease the pain and advil destroyed my stomach. My stimulator implant is awesome, I dont even take advil anymore and I can do so much more. Before when the neuropathy pain came on , I had lay down and would cry , now i turn my stimulator on and within 20 minutes I feel better. Sometimes I run it as high as 7.2 volts. Mine is a Medtronic..

  2. My stimulator saved my life I went from being on fentanyl medically required to keep me alive to being opioid free and only using Cannabis (illegally since my state still can’t figure out MM). If there is any advice I can give its to find a doctor that knows what they’re doing.

  3. I'm a RN needing a 10-level spinal fusion. My retirement is nothing but pain on a daily basis. I have T11-L1 fused from a crushed T12 vertebra and get shocks" from that hardware placement when I turn or reach. Sometimes it spams and causes me to fall. Now, the surgeons are trying to push me into this type device. I'm doing TONS OF RESEARCH on it first. Hellova way to end up after 40 yrs giving to others as a RN/Paramedic.

  4. I have enough trouble walking as it is already and my neurosurgeon keeps pushing this towards me. After watching this video and knowing full well my limitations already I ain't getting that device in my back. That doc can shove that device where the sun don't shine.

  5. I am in the UK and was given this option. Here you go for a two week intensive course as such to make sure you ready mentally, physically for this. I couldn't do my gut instinct said no I don't know why something bothered me about it. Glad I never had it although I am sure it's helped many others just not for me.

  6. I had a Medtronic placed 2 months ago. My representative from the company has been great. He’s been by my side since…just a phone call away.
    I have to say , although I still feel pain, it is not ANYWHERE as bad as prior to having the device placed. I was stupid one day and let battery die. ( bed).
    When I got out of bed, the pain hit like a Mack truck. I couldn’t believe THAT pain was what I had lived with for last 3 years. It knocked ne to my knees. I immediately charged battery, cranked this bad boy up, and within 15 minutes, the pain became tolerable and I found relief. I have established a few things….one major thing is that although my pain “waves” are scrambled so to speak, my body still knows when a crisis hits. So the pain is tolerable and I can function better, but my body becomes tired as IT knows the pain is still there. I still am glad I had it placed. Will I feel the same tomorrow? A month? I don’t know. All I know is for right now, I can still be on my feet, cooking dinner and making soaps ( business) in the afternoon. Before, I would be in bed at 3 or so because I couldn’t stand any longer without screaming, grunting in pain.
    Just my long explanation of my experience thus far. Made You Tube videos ( Nancy Kelley Medtronic) chronicling my journey immediately after surgery.

  7. I had a Boston Scientific SCS implanted in March 2009 and it worked great for almost 9 years, then the battery quit holding a charge (8-10 years is the norm). It helped alleviate pain in my legs, feet and back, and enabled me to stand and walk a little longer. It also reduced my need for pain medication by approximately 30%. I'm having a new SCS implanted on Sept. 11, 2019, and I'm looking forward to it.

  8. I had a medtronic SCS implanted at the age of 21 to fix my arm neuropathic pain. I was left of with severe neuropathic back pain since then which is worse than my initial pain, had the device removed a little over a year after but the back pain is still persistence since then. This thing RUINED my life

  9. This is a joke! Opioids do NOT treat nerve pain. The SCS are only half effective for people with FBSS. Some people are happily riding the OXY train and will make every excuse to stay aboard. No difference between OXY and Heroin. Don't discredit the SCS just because you want to remain a junkie!

  10. Procedure performed 6 weeks ago. Walked into the procedure without assistance, have not walked without assistance since. Lost all feeling in both legs within 4 hours of trial implant; leads removed next day.
    I was never informed this was a possibility. Regulation needs to be mandated, along with transparency between doctors and manufacturers.

  11. Yea these things are stupid imho. I've had a cervical device with a paddle lead for 6 yrs and it hasn't helped a bit. Only causes me more pain due to the epidural fibrosis it creates. DON'T DO IT!

  12. I have a friend that had a spinal cord stimulater put in her.  It didn't help till one day.  16,000 dollars later they didn't even want to remove it.  She had to threaten with news coverage on this.  Sad.

  13. i am 21 and i wasn't even given the option of pain meds they told me this all i could do my trial is supposed to be next mnth and now i am very worried if this will work or not

  14. My SCS is being removed in the fall because it keeps turning on by itself, full tilt, bringing me to my knees in pain. Haven't told anyone other than my doctor and the surgeon who implanted it.. is there someone I should tell??

  15. You need to be very careful to avoid an infection during the 2 week trial and after the implant operation and never allow injections of any kind near the implant site. Can they give you your life back? YES! Get an infection during the trial or after implantation and you are in big trouble!!! Worth the 4% infection risK? For me YES!!! Hint- Get a good surgeon.

  16. More emotional shock news from the networks versus facts. If it's a reputable doctor he/she will put you through the grinder so you know what to expect, not to mention the 3-4 hour psych evaluation….

  17. Has anyone experienced their SCS turning in by itself? After about 6 months, mine stopped being helpful so I put the remote in my dresser, and haven’t used it much over the last few years… from time to time, mine will turn on by itself.. the other day I was in the city, an hours drive from my remote, I sneezed, and it turned on, and stayed on until I got home later that night and turned it off with the remote

  18. I have a Boston Scientific and have had no issues ,it does help during the day when I can be still but I still need meds to sleep and do anything,it’s a tool in the box that should include opioids.

  19. Sad part is the #s are completely off being doctors dont report everything they are told. I know there are many doctors telling their patients that the burning they are feeling are not from their scs & i personally am yes 1 of those patients & i have reported other probs w my scs & have been told straight out that the sever chemical burning, diarrhea, headaches to migraines, vomiting etc are NOT CUZ OF MY SCS AT ALL. Yet there is documented proof it can cause it which i just found. I am on several fb groups & several people even have bladder issue & other issues & even their doctors say its not the scs. We are blown off & told its not the scs & made to suffer in dealing w these effects & how do we cope? Its like taking snowbowl or the works putting it on the inside of ur wrist & let it sit there. How long can u deal w that burn? Yet we are told do cbt, distraction, music, word searchs, tv, rest, psychologist, physical therapy, cortisone injections, nerve blocks etc. Accept this is what ur dealing w & ur NEW NORM IN UR LIFE & MOVE FORWARD…. FUN FUN FUN FUN.

  20. Omg I have this spinal cord stimulator implant and I have been trying to figure out why I was having excessive amounts of heat coming from my implant:-( I now have this rare disease called C.R.P.S/R.S.D because of this nightmare!! Wow I can't believe this!!

  21. I'm on my 4th device. The 1st one actually did have a short that sent a much stronger electrical impulse and froze me in whatever position I was in. My mother would literally push me over to unlock the currents hold on me. It was a bad battery and leads from Medtronics in the early 2000's. No trouble with the next one. Last 2 are made by St Jude/Abbot. Still work well but have never been a replacement for meds or instead of pain meds. I have no clue if the device has caused more damage since my first back operation in 1992 left me with a paralyzed leg for a while and never regained full use. Each rupture and surgery did more damage.

  22. You cannot have a stimulator implanted unless you personally go through a trial to know if the device will help you in your case. You get to take the device for a test drive before committing to it being implanted, and it's only implanted if it helps your pain significantly during the test drive trial. One person's outcome has nothing to do with anyone else's, it's an individual treatment. This is also used in cases where more conservative treatments have failed.

  23. My wife had av trial SCS installed on 9/18/18 and removed 9/25/18. She had a red spot on her back and then developed horrendous pain and delirium. She was ultimately diagnosed with spinal MRSA which tracked the leads and was hospitalized on 10/3 and this was discovered 10/7 by an MRI after originally being diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae which had healed. She underwent emergency surgery on 10/8 and was discharged into rehab. Her Vanco [antibiotic] level led to acute kidney failure and she was rehospitalized for 2 weeks and is now back in rehab.

  24. At my last pain mgmt appointment , they gave me info on a stimulator and said it may work wonders. My follow up is tomorrow.. i was seriously considering at a later date because I'd have to be off work for the week for just the trial, then more time after insertion, which isn't financially feasible. Thank god I saw this!

  25. I'm glad they air this I'm one of those people that have this in my back and I'm in more pain then b4 every body thought they I was talking pain meds to get high. I'm going to get this out of my back in December I can't wait till this is done.

  26. The FDA like any and all other governmental review system is for sale to the highest corporate put enough cash into the system and you get a good review. It is yet another way for governmental people to feather their nests. half or more of the items are never checked at of those that are the process starts and finishes with the box they come in.It is a sad joke.

  27. I'm getting one this Friday. 2 people called and asked if I watch this show last night. I've had 3 back surgeries, 27 epidurals, 2 sets of the nerve numbing, 8 shots each time but didn't qualify for the actual nerve burning. I did the psych evaluation and the trial on this SCS. Mine was St Jude Medical now Abbott that has invisible therapy meaning that you don't have to feel the shock pulses. I got 65% relief which is much better than the opioids. I just hope they don't mess up on the permanent one being installed with the paddle leads which requires cutting into my thoracic spine and removing part of a bone to make room to install this type of lead in the dural space. Maybe they can remove some scar tissue in there where I had surgery at the T6-T8 area.

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