This was my personal experience vaping CBD for the first time. I still don’t know much about CBD and in no way am I saying you guys should try it. Do as much …


  1. Thanks for the video tho I was looking into it for anxiety so guessing I wont bother now I Especially don't want to gain weight I'll stick to regular vaping

  2. lemme say this if your gonna vape anything vape CBD for the main reason because it almost has no bad effects and if anything it has some good effects unlike some other vape juice now even vape juice without nicotine can still be bad so CBD is the BEST choice for you and its way way better then vaping nicotine or smoking or anything of the sort CBD vaping isnt bad or not as bad as some may make it seem it is good and it is a fact that it is good it doesnt get you high in some it helps with anxiety and depression basically summed up the whole video so just to be clear CBD isnt bad it does not harm you even close to as much as other vape juice so if your looking at vaping do CBD do not get addicted to nicotine if you dont have to its not a healthy choice now just make sure it is 100% CBD thats all i have to say

  3. I'm not trying to sound mean I do love animals at least they're testing animals with marijuana and not that other b***** that scientist has done to animals when they were killing them at least it's marijuana that they're testing them with I wish I was that animal because believe you me I wouldn't mind being tested with marijuana but leave you f**** me I would love that and marijuana does help animals to

  4. I had that experience until I found out most cheaper CBD has no terpenes! The terpenes present or put back in after extraction process is the only way to go. Otherwise you won’t get the desired effects for pain, sleep and anxiety.

  5. Actually for cbd its fine for most adults and teens bc it doesn't get u high and its pretty much to help with pain, anxiety and stuff like that so in my opinion its fine for teens and young teens, you can even give it to ur pets 😂

  6. Did you just say we aren't animals?…you do realize humans are in the ape/mammal animal family right?

  7. Can i recomend joy's products, they are premium cbd company with public lab reaults. Their soft gells are really good. Dont give up on cbd for anxiety you just have to find the right product and do more research.

  8. I’m thinking about getting my mom and dad a vape pen to help with their stress. I don’t wanna waste my money though lol.

  9. first of all has nothing to do with serotonin. we have cannabinoid receptors. cbd helps with pain yes but has more of a synergistic effect when combined with thc for anxiety.

  10. Cbd drops that you put under your tongue have effects that start after 30 seconds lasts up to 5 hrs. Vaping/flowers I’ve heard can be done throughout the day. It does work there are a lot of variables.. strains… strength… modalities. Keep trying to find what works for you.

  11. I just made my own cbd vape juice and compared to the store brand ones it barely does anything. The only way cbd works for me is when I put cbd flowers in a blunt.

  12. Could mixing cbd and nicotine juice have any adverse effects?
    I have anxiety and was previously addicted to smoking and I cant afford another vape

  13. Well cbd has helped my mental health a ton vs my medication from my doctor it’s helps my depression and anxiety and panic attacks

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