Freeway Ricky: I'm Rich Again! I Just Won a Legal Marijuana License (Part 1)

Part 2: — In this clip, Freeway Ricky speaks about being rich again after winning a marijuana license through a lottery.


  1. I don't know anyone that deserves it more based on all the unknown political motivation and enticement and entrapment he went through. Stay up bro.

  2. The white liberals/democrats want to keep the black man high, on drugs, ignorant and uneducated forever dependent on government

  3. πŸ—£I know he wish he could get ALL them years bacc with that bread! Like I'm rich & young againβš“

  4. Validation… prison food is better for you than this overpriced genetically altered food you buy in your local grocery stores, looks good feels good for 60 πŸ’ͺ

  5. How can he hold his head up with all the distruction he contributed to his and other black community's in america? Legal or not he shouldn't have a license to sell any drug

  6. The senate (controlled by Trumpians) killed a marijuana reform bill recently. If you are for legal marijuana, do not vote for Trump and his personal political party previously know as republicans

  7. "giving reparations to the people affected by the war on drugs" Oh you mean the scumbags who sold drugs, didn't pay taxes and generally resorted to violence as means of business?

  8. Always a pleasure and joy to see freeway Ricky Ross being interviewed he is a charming intellectual man that adapts very well with people and the world with it offerings happy birthday MR. ROSS!

  9. I am surprise vlad let freeway say cocaine and later crack without interrupting him, " well, my south central friend said it was originally called ready rock!"

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