December 12, 2019: NJTV News with Mary Alice Williams

Trenton was bustling, with time running out for lawmakers to wrap up the people’s business. Mostly support for a marijuana legislation referendum, but criticism …


  1. Its no mystery to the current crop of marketing managers worth
    their salt, if you want to pitch product on television, go ‘blond’, the same
    can be claimed of news programing both on cable and broadcast networks…”hooray for
    Hollywood”…once again…

  2. While searching my computer for an old posting, I stumbled
    upon my very first blog post on ‘appearance journalism’ of some two years ago,
    after reading it I concluded, instead of things getting better they have gotten
    much worse. Almost every newscast I encounter, I have to fight my way past sets
    of greasy red clownish lips, mounds of streaking dyed hair shades not found in
    nature, and most of all, are those 80year old Larry King types in their youthful
    hair dyes, its only after the fighting is all over am I able to comprehend the
    news as it is trying to be reported…

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