1. This CBD knowledgs is beyond me! Im new here. Got one bottel: Essential Extract, full spectrum Hemp extract. 100 mg. In 1 serving/1 dropperfull is 4 mg hempekstract. Take 1-2 servings a Day. Does it sound ok? Is it to much deluded?

  2. I have a mild epilepsy? I have been taking for 20 years medicines and it weakened my body and brain I do have anxiety daily too which CBD oil would you recommended for me?

    Thank u

  3. >^. .^< Thank You but still somewhat clear as muddy water…….. Perhaps the industry should all agree to choose the same exact unit description……

  4. Please tell mee what kind of cbd oil is good for mee i have anxiety and i take citalopram 10 mg thank you very much keep doing this it help for a lott off people❤❤❤

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