Breaking New Research On Cannabis & Marijuana! Scriptural, Medical & Historic Aspects Reknown

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION Major points: I don’t appear in this video. The researchers shown here may be secular atheists, but we shouldn’t rail at, …


  1. I'm a RN and a Naturopath… I've seen two giant cantaloupe sized cancerous tumors completely resolved and go away in 3 and 1/2 Weeks using Rick Simpson's oil…4th stage… Sent home to die… I don't believe everybody and their mama needs to be using cannabis…as some people have addictive personalities and will lean on anything as a crutch instead of leaning on the Holy Spirit… But for illnesses and in moderation… I truly believe that as Christian's if we follow the leading of the Holy Spirit we WILL know WHATEVER treatment or substance we need for healing and health.

  2. In the book of enoch it says all were defiled including plants I have wondered what if marijuana was and is not ok to use or if there is a difference of between consuming it and smoking it of how your supposed to use it. I wonder if its taking away God's glory by trusting in anything other than him to heal us.

  3. Not surprised the Jews and Freemasons have tried to keep this secret from Christians. Meanwhile they take drugs and talk to spirits all the time. Hypocrites and liars!!!

  4. The people freaking out about the Kabbalah references or the skulls on his shirt… did you leave the room and miss the parts about the Old Testament? The testament of solomon? The Kabbalah is evil and esoteric, but here re: marijuana it is just following the Old Testament. Yes, we know the Kabbalah is garbage, so toss that bit, take the good and discard the rest. I shouldn’t have to hold your hand all the way through the research… you’re a grown up person… try to practice some discernment. Thanks for watching, God bless everyone.FLAT EARTH FULLY EXPLAINED

  5. Absolutely outstanding documentary! I didn't expect this, but I really enjoyed it and learned more than I will be able to remember. LOL I'll have to re-watch it again I'm sure but thank you for all the research and putting it out there for us to see. God bless you & yours!

  6. This confirms what the Holy Spirit has been teaching me over the last few years. "God made wine to make glad the heart of man." That's why Jesus turned water into wine, to show man how he cared about man having a GLAD HEART and a happy life. To be honest if you have the joy of the Lord you won't need anything. It's "Joy Unspeakable" total bliss. Yet we still go to doctors only because not all have faith. It's like a band aid solution when we could have a cure!

  7. think your video is getting censored or something bro.. the audio is cutting out alooooot…
    i remember researching this, very interesting for sure! stay strong!

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  8. Although I am an advocate of free cannabis usage, believers in the one true Creator should be wary of those like Chris Bennett, casting doubt, and insinuating that nobody spoke to the Father or angels, they were just high.

  9. I watched this last week, i cant remember who's channel it was. it had the same volume glitch in the beginning. good video, someone should have fixed it on the second upload. just a thought

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