Baby Bash talks CBD, Texas Weed LEGALIZATION, New Music and Long term investments – EP 89

Baby Bash sit and talks with the connect about CBD his investment in store and other products and New music. ▻ For everything BossLife: …


  1. bash feelin himself..he said he the only meskin kan rock an all black show…Kap G? 🤔🤔 Dat Boi T 🙄 …

  2. I moved from Tx to Mass when I came up here it was pill heads dying everyday then they made weed legal and it’s been night and day bro.

  3. Already much love Slim Thug for putting some Raza on your podcast. Hope you can get Lucky Luciano on some time in the future. FREE SPM AND FREE LIL BING.

  4. 🤣🤣🤣nigga rico sound like my lil bro n uncle, foos got high and had 911 on speed dial🤣🤣..its all mental.were all built different

  5. They are trying to explain a panic attack and they got it all Its when your heart speeds up like a motherfucka and you think you are about to die.

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