AURORA CANNABIS FINANCIAL RESULTS Q4 2019 – RICH TV LIVE – SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 – Aurora Cannabis Inc. (the “Company” or “Aurora”) (NYSE | TSX: …


  1. That was a little of a bonehead prediction to come short of your own range. But they are doing it right. But if they take more heat then they will drag alot of the sector with them. They sure as hell will not go broke. LOL. Yes health canada won't allow any explosions upward, which is actually responsible but affect ACB's medical target push. This will be ACB meat and tators and the rec use will be a big ass gravy train.

  2. Wait till more store open in BC. We have one of the largest populations but the least amount of legal sales. In the lower mainland of BC we have probably 2 cannabis stores. The rest are in small towns. ACB/MedReleaf marijuana is the best selling in BC so far too.

  3. It is true they only reported 11.6 mill in looses because they were able to claim the tgod shares they sold as revenue, also its 11.6 mill not included taxes and other expenses, they're masking looses for sure ontop of the upcoming fiasco that will be March 2020, if they don't get their shares over a certain price then they're expansion plans will go to πŸ’©πŸ’© and it will be canopy 2.0, trying to expand too fast without taking the common stock holder into consideration is bad mistake

  4. Not only has Health Canada dropped the ball but the AGCO has as well with their Ontario lottery scheme. Read about the latest news wherein 11 brick and mortar stores have been denied licenses. Ontario is the largest province in Canada and still can't catch up to what Alberta has accomplished. Way to go retards!!!

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