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  1. Great video brother. Thank you… God be with you. My 7 Cents! (Ya know… 7 because inflation.) Vaping is the only thing that got me off of an almost 32 year smoking habit! There were times during those years where I'd quit for weeks, months, or as much as 1 to 2 YEARS! But would still end up going back! A Smoker Smokes! Mamma didn't raise no quitters! LOL. If I'd had Vaping to fall back on so long ago, I'd have quit cigarettes that long ago.

    Smoking was destroying my health & ruining my quality of life. Vaping has IMPROVED my quality of life & my lungs are in tip top shape now! EVEN THOUGH I VAPE EVERY DAY!

    Trying to regulate or BAN Vaping is nothing but another money grab by the same Bankster Gangster Cabal that runs the Corporate Conglomerated systems (Corporatocracy/Plutocracy) of our Contemporary Main Stream "Health" & Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Political Apparatus including the "Courts Inc.", & the Faux Taxation upon our very heads! Utilities, Consumer Markets such as Groceries which include Tobacco & related peripherals, "Vaccines", Electronics, the "Sciences" etc., & who are also spraying us daily with Chemtrail Persistent Contrail Toxic Heavy Metals in Nano Particulate form. (UNESCO'S Agenda 21)

    I remember when I was a Child & we'd go from one city to another & stay in a motel with a swimming pool for just a weekend on a faux vacation. The next city over had their own Radio Stations, their own T.V. stations, Program line up's would be wholly different then form our home City; even HBO line ups would be different. Markets, Supermarkets, Gas Stations, & Restaurants would all be so different it was almost like visiting another Country that spoke the same language & adhered under the same Law's. Yet we'd find that even the Police acted differently & had varying sets of rules.

    My aim is to point out the Conglomeration of one Corporate Umbrella that I mentioned above & who wish to either OWN Vaping & if they can't they'll BAN it to keep the constant flow of Tobacco & added Chemical Addiction funny money rolling in.

    Because where ever you go today, everything is the same. From Starbucks, Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond to Safeway (Von's), From Shell or Cheveron etc. to Fred Myer, or Costco. Even those similar but with a different name upon a different town are still owned & operated under the same Conglomerated Corporate Umbrella. One big Gang that owns & regulates it all! The Big Club & We Ain't In It!!! – George Carlin

    Tobacco & related peripherals are mostly owned by these same Kleptocrats & they DO NOT SHARE POWER! They want it all, & They Own It All Including You!


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