Blinded by the light of a falling meteor, David has a devastating car accident, leading to a profound discovery; an extra-terrestrial organism that may contain the …


  1. That we make Hollywood movies all the time. Nobody not even designed the statues will save the white race in South Africa. everybody's headed down to their bunkers October 30th 2019. I guess we won't be getting any Christmas when Russia came into Syria to help. It happened to have 100 ton. Nuclear missile call Satan. When detonated it'll be the size of Texas. That will be dropped on Jerusalem. And we'll take out Saudi Arabia. The underground base of the Anunnaki. Saudi Arabia always got paid in children. Oh no we were using the petrodollar to pay for the oil. Pain in children. Let's destroy the planet. Maybe those Inside Planet Earth. We've been living to someone and harmony. They know the humans as the surface dwellers. So why do we have fallen angels on the surface of planet Earth. But yet why aren't are Fallen Angels inside the core of planet Earth.

  2. Not a bad storyline…a bit romanticized with the idea that ET would give humans such assistance and that mankind does have the capability to destroy his home…let's hope we also have the gumption to do the opposite as well.

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