Sony Officially Announced The PS5's Biggest News Yet! This Is Gonna Hurt Microsoft Badly!

Sony just announced exactly what any true gamer wants to hear about the next generation PlayStation console. To me, this is the be all end all of everything …


  1. So tell me whats going to make XBOX look so bad. SONY does not even have any confirmed launch titles. History shows SONY is a late bloomer and never gets out of the gate fast.😂😂😂😂

  2. If I can stream at 4k 60fps….where do I sign? Here’s my card..I just don’t know if it’s plausible

  3. I don't normally give a thumbs down, but I did today because you failed to deliver the big news scoop. It felt very click baitish and I did not hear anything that supported your claim about the biggest ps5 news yet. I think if you're not already doing it, you should get a job in sales cause you over promise and under delivered.

  4. Gaystation failed this gen with a garbage under-powered console and no actual games! No wonder Xbox sales went up when they released the Xbox One X! Won't be wasting my time on Gaystation next gen! Xbox all the way!!

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