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    For starters sorry for the long post, but good on you for spotting the negative consequences early and not getting too caught up too heavily despite finding it during your formative years. As you mentioned, it's becoming widely accepted because of the positive press, and celebrity endorsement. However, if you look very carefully, you'll start to notice a lot of these same people, after some amount of time, are quitting of their own accord because they're realizing something is changing inside themselves that they don't like.

    Personally for me, I realized I needed to stop when I noticed myself becoming lazier, less emotionally stable, and overall less ambitious. I began roughly when I was around 23 or 24. It started out innocently as everything does, just fun and games while hanging out with friends. We'd go to Central Park, find a nice spot, and smoke up once a week and enjoy the goofy conversations that inevitably followed. Once I moved out and got my own apartment, it started to slowly creep in and take over every aspect of my social life, because admittedly, things were often a bit more "interesting" when high. Being in New York City we'd smoke before eating, going out to see a movie, walking around the city, chilling at the apartment, YouTube surfing, etc. My friends and I bonded a lot over the years as a result of it, so to be fair I can't say it didn't bring me anything positive. There were a lot of incredibly fun times and happy memories, and it would turn otherwise mediocre days into thrilling ones. Eventually though, the negatives began to outweigh the positives. I started to notice that when I was sober, things weren't as fun as they used to be, my moods felt a lot more bipolar and would fluctuate too easily, I was far too hung up and paranoid in my analysis of my social circles, and a lot more prone to depression than I've ever been in my life. The smallest social setbacks would send me into a mental spiral of depression and paranoia (thinking everyone is using me, hating on me, or out to get me, etc.). That's when I started digging into the more surreptitious psychological effects and noticed that there was a huge community of people out there who were experiencing identical issues. I'm 30 now and I've smoked maybe 3 or 4 times in the past 2 months as a means of experimenting with an acceptable dosage, but each time it has caused me to regress into a mental state that I don't like, and strangely enough, it started having a residual effect of roughly 2-3 days after where I just sorta felt "out of it". It basically stopped being fun for me. The youthful exuberance, laughter, energy and joy I'd get after smoking stopped happening and it started to turn mostly into negative introspection and social anxiety. I was way too "inside myself" if that makes any sense. I'm normally witty, outgoing, funny, energetic, organized, and a very outlandish person, but at times I'd get an effect that turned me into that guy who steps outside only to immediately want to go back home or hide out in the corner of the club and not do anything. This was an absolute no-go for me, hence why I'm here now watching other people's videos of quitting weed to motivate myself as I plan on cutting it completely.

    To be fair however, I still think weed is a solid drug if you can manage to control it and it doesn't trigger mental health issues. If you're self-aware and honest with yourself, you can tell if it's having any negative effects on you. Unfortunately in me it did. It's actually funny to think that throughout all this, I considered myself a "social smoker" (my way of distinguishing myself from the typical wake-and-bake pothead). Of course, as you grow older and it becomes routine, it starts becoming one of the ingredients necessary to have fun, which is textbook dependency. Being totally dependent on a substance is just not a way to live. Good luck to all on their no-weed journey, and stay strong. Take comfort in the fact that more and more people are coming out against this very sneaky drug.

    P.S. Funny coincidence that you uploaded this on my birthday btw. Perhaps I'll take it as a sign to quit for good lol.

  2. Thank you for sharing 🙂 I recently stopped also. I’ve realized that cannabis had been holding me back from reaching my goals. From finances to relationships & personal potentials. Best of luck in your journey ❤️

  3. I remember when everyone was smoking weed during Woodstock days ( the original one) I cannot believe how many addicts there are today !! Insane.

  4. Word! I have been smoking for 6 years and have had the same exact experience as. It was just a ticking time bomb and eventually it did blow up in my face. Thank you for sharing your experience; also reading out the comments makes me feel that I am not alone, there are lot of people suffering with this weed shit! Especially after its been legalized. God bless you and give you success in your endeavors.

  5. I'm at the point where I sincerely no longer enjoy weed but just keep smoking it out of habit because it's like well what else would I do

  6. I gave it up cold turkey on July 4th. So just a few days ago. I smoked every day for 5 years. I started getting turned off by it before I even decided to give it up. It stopped being enjoyable. It started giving me severe headaches and the high was basically just a fog of feeling sluggish. There was a point in my life when weed was literally all I cared about. I would smoke from the time I woke up until I went to bed that night. During those five years of smoking I gained over 30 lbs (I’m only 5’2” so I don’t have the leeway to gain weight like that), I didn’t accomplish anything during those years. I decided enough is enough. I honestly don’t find it appealing anymore. I still have some but don’t have the urge to smoke it. I’m gonna get rid of it before the urge hits. Idk if that urge will hit again, probably, but I’m hopeful that I’m finally over it for good. I’ve thought about quitting several times over the years but never got up the nerve. So yea, that’s my long story short with being a full blown stoner for 5 years. I’m not against it by any means but it’s not for me anymore.

  7. Damn its almost like im listening to myself talk. Had a 92 average in grade 12. Failed 1st year because all i did was numb the guilt and stress. The more i did that the bigger the problema got in my head. At some point small things seemed like mountains. I ended up raising my tolerance so high that it barely got me high anymore. Because of this i eas able to pass uni . I havent smoked in 5 days now. I work at a tech company downtown and even at work every where i go people smoke. 5 days today 🙂 thank tou for tbis video

  8. Honestly good on you for being able to stop in time to get school stuff together.. I'm now 24 and I let my mental health issues get the best of me and I've been out of school for over a year now . Im trying to go back for fall this year but lots of obstacles now acceptance wise. Congrats, you seem like a really smart person, keep moving forward! Weed really does hold ALOT of people back.

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